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Check for Cheeke

October 19, 2013


After another long exodus from the sandpit, returning to flat desert runs devoid of lush nature, tall trees and bright blooms is always tough. This time particularly so, as it seems I left my head and heart in Durban. So I knew this morning’s training had to be accompanied by a great podcast to keep […]

Support in sport

August 18, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I put a quote up on Facebook that said: “There are friendships that have been forged by dedication and by pain, by defeat and by accomplishment, by mud and by sweat, by laughter and by tears. Friends who have seen each other when we look our worst and when we […]

Why trawl the mall?

April 28, 2013


When it comes to buying gifts for people, I often find myself taking the whole ordeal far too seriously. I want to give gifts with thought, that have meaning or purpose, something that someone might have chosen on their own. This, combined with my oft inability to make snappy decisions has led me to more […]

Wonderful & wise

February 27, 2013


I came across these words this morning and read and re-read … absorbing and loving every word; Love is the new black. The time is now and the power is you. Trust your instincts. How you invest your love is how you invest your life. Believe in the power of a smile. Your attitude is your […]

Conservations with the core

February 1, 2013


OK so I know I probably talk too much about how important it is to be self-aware and listen to our bodies … but I tend to talk about this most in the context of running and training rather than life in general. Truth is, our bodies are smart. Very smart. Very very smart! On […]

The curse of the clot

January 27, 2013


My friend and fellow runner, Angeline, posted an article about runners and blood clots on Facebook recently.  It immediately attracted my attention. Why?  Because just a few months back when I was in Australia, I woke up one night with a huge dull ache in my calf and spent the next 12 hours, under the […]

Start 2 finish

December 30, 2012


Over the next couple of days, people far and wide will be plotting and planning & dreaming and scheming for 2013. Just like every other New Year, there will be things you want to achieve, address and change … and just like every other year, the truly relevant question is not ‘what will you start’ […]

Carpe punctum

October 27, 2012


Today’s post is short and sweet …  Last week, I heard these gorgeous words on the radio: ‘It’s not about the length, it’s about the depth, it’s not about the minutes, it’s about the moments.’* Gorgeous. Then yesterday, I was reading Dan Millman’s book, The Twelve Gateways to Freedom.  I have devoured his words before and […]

Another cracker from les Francais

September 8, 2012


I remember when travelling around New Zealand a few years back … in what we aptly named the Brown Beast, a huge poo-coloured car Aiden had bought in one of another of his (regular) scams … we used to laugh at all the Fish & Chip shops we passed because every one seemed to have […]

Inspiration at work

September 5, 2012


Back in late 2009, I remember sitting in Guillaume Mariole’s bachelor pad on the Palm plotting and planning the launch of his new fitness and wellness company, Ignite.  We’d spend hours buzzing with ideas, brimming with thoughts and discussing everything from logos to taglines, websites to merchandise. And then in early 2010, Ignite fitness & wellness […]

A fetish for facebook

September 3, 2012


I’ve been listening to some social media podcasts recently in order to add value to the marketing and pr support I give my own clients. I end up racing home and jotting down thoughts and ideas, tips and tricks before they leave my memory in place of a myriad of other to do’s for the […]

Shit happens

August 8, 2012


I’m often ‘accused’ of being a little too positive at times … if I were a religion, I’d perhaps be of the happy-clappy variety … so it amused me when I received a mailer yesterday from a motivational speaker I follow entitled ‘A steaming hot turd.’ The article was all about how we can’t be […]

Time to confess …

June 14, 2012


Some Thursday funnies that on reading will see long distance runners of every shape, size, distance or form, nod and giggle in agreement … from terrible traits, hilarious habits to just the downright weird and wonderful, there are some things in our lives that only other runners will ever understand! You know you’re a runner […]

Abel advice

April 22, 2012


You keep failing at your attempted transformation because you keep missing the central component of it by looking in the wrong place. You must, and have to – learn to love the body you have, while on the journey to acquiring the body you want. No one can SELF-HATE their way to an improved life! […]

Kaizen continued

April 21, 2012


I have seen and heard the word ‘kaizen’ crop up a few times recently which prompted me to revisit a post I wrote about it in 2010.  Here it is below. Re-reading it has certainly pushed me to consider how well I’ve done with my three little intentions! I’ve def. improved on all three but not […]

Making waves

March 19, 2012


I don’t want to pooh-pooh our amazing capability of multi-tasking but sometimes, attempting to do it all is completely fruitless. Today, I experienced this first hand.  I rose late … no run as tapering before this weekends race … put on the kettle, sat down at my desk and then spent the next four hours […]

Cards & corkscrews

August 27, 2011


Our obsession with all things electronic … In our days of Facebook, Tweets, email and texting, we have completely forgotten the value of a hand written message on beautiful stationery … even our bills are now electronic! But the truth is, there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love seeing a card on […]

Three cheers for Cavekids

July 27, 2011


Half an hour into my first meeting with Aden Hopkins and latterly Scott Stevenson, I felt like we had been friends forever.  Referred through a mutual friend which lead to my doing some work for the boys and their fantastic company, Cavekids Evolution, we just clicked.  We have exactly the same thoughts behind the connections between […]

Searching for solemates

June 30, 2011


Once upon a time my choice of running shoes was determined by two key factors … the extent to which they featured pink (as well as the exact shade of said pink) and the extent to which they would match my running tops, because regardless of whether on the running track or on the catwalk, […]

Score 4

January 24, 2011


Since the marathon last Friday, I’ve had loads of people ask me how I did. And no doubt every other runner has too. We reply with thoughts on the day … perhaps our times too … and the common response tends to be ‘Wow … I could never do that,’ or ‘I can’t run for […]

Finding Flow

December 10, 2010


My dear friend Jill and I often talk about Flow and the wonderful feelings it brings. We all love to get it, it makes us more productive and it enhances every element of our lives but what exactly is it? The grown up definition is this; Flow is the mental state of operation in which […]

Running from Running

November 16, 2010


It seems that every time I look on Facebook, I see former fellow ABRaS* members posting pics of new hobbies that have stemmed from their original love for running.  Does road running have a shelf-life I wonder?  Does simply pounding the streets eventually become boring? I guess in Dubai it does – I know that […]