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Flow, form & feeling on fire

May 14, 2013


The other night I enjoyed a perfect yoga class … one of those practices when everything just flows.  You feel powerful, strong and invincible. Your balance is beautiful, your core on fire and your monkey mind is sleeping or something because you are totally in the moment and thinking of nothing else but your flow […]

Sublime savasana

November 10, 2012


I recently read Rich Roll’s book, Finding Ultra. Rich is an inspirational character and a phenomenal athlete. He talked much about the benefits of yoga to the athlete which I loved, because I too am a budding yogi who has long endorsed yoga as the perfect complement to the pavement pounding of us runners. I […]

Making magic

September 1, 2012


So last night, my friend Katie and I decided to have a short run, accompanied by a mammoth gossip session followed by some tabata training.  All started without hitch or glitch … neither cancelled or postponed … we met at Montgomerie Golf Club and did a quick-ish loop through Emirates Hills then hit the tabata […]


August 3, 2012


It really does.  My favourite yoga teachers … Bram and Kasi … have said great things about it and yesterday morning, at long last, I made it to a one-on-one class with yet another cool chick called Helen. Where do I start? Swing Yoga is basically a yoga-esque cross between TRX and aerial silks. The […]

Fiats v Ferrari’s

June 3, 2012


Not a week goes by without some fleeting fad that everyone raves about.  And whilst sometimes they prove to be nothing more than just that … others stick and for good reason too. Trigger Point Performance Therapy (or TPPT), I reckon, might be one of these. My yoga teacher, Bram did the course a couple […]

Me & my BOSU

May 14, 2012


I continue to be obsessed with the BOSU ball.  Such a great toy to play with in the gym and a piece of equipment that you can’t ever outgrow … you can always improve and there’s so much you can do with it. Every time I’ve been out of town, I look forward to getting […]

Forever 25

May 8, 2012


The blow of returning from my marvellous adventures in China and Hong Kong were cushioned by the prospect of getting back to my regular yoga sessions at Fitness First. And so it was, yesterday morning I ended a short-ish run (gently immersing myself back into the sudden sweat-fest desert temps) with Bram’s Flow Yoga. We […]

Abel advice

April 22, 2012


You keep failing at your attempted transformation because you keep missing the central component of it by looking in the wrong place. You must, and have to – learn to love the body you have, while on the journey to acquiring the body you want. No one can SELF-HATE their way to an improved life! […]

Scaling back

February 28, 2012


My cleaner arrived yesterday afternoon and within seconds of entering my flat said … ‘Madam. You’re always so glowing.  You look so beautiful. You’re so relaxed.’ ‘Thank you Cristina’, I replied, thinking what kind words they were to hear. If only, however, the conversation had ended there because she then continued by saying … ‘I […]

Wonder of the Wobble

January 30, 2012


I felt like a child in a candy store the other day when I entered Fitness First to see lots of new toys to play with.  A big refurb has resulted in a huge cool new area with loads of functional equipment … and … the introduction of WOBBLE BOARDS!  Wobble Boards take all my […]

Shoot for the moon

January 11, 2012


Today is the 11thof Jan.  How many people made resolutions I wonder and how many are so far sticking to them? My Group Ex classes this week at Fitness First have been filled to the brim with dedicated body pumpers, jamers, balancers and combaters but will it last? In 2011, I wrote a feature for […]

Hips & hearts

December 26, 2011


Boxing day morning.  Wake up shattered, belly stuffed, fuzzy head.  Get out to run with my dear friend Ronnie … for the exact same reason as my post the other day. Fab run, fab natter, fab feeling.  Next stop. Flow Yoga at Fitness First. With Bram.  The lovely Bram. 90 minutes later and I feel […]

Persistence pays

November 10, 2011


This week I have felt ever so pleased with myself … well, my performance anyway … on the BOSU no less!  I wrote about the marvellous BOSU not long ago and ever since, I can safely say I’ve become quite hooked.  Day in day out, I’ve been popping into Fitness First and taking place in […]

Bigger pickers …

November 8, 2011


… need bigger knickers This post is dedicated to Sarah at Fitness First HQ who, like me, is addicted to the choco dates on offer at reception but at 43 kcals per piece, there must be less naughty options when the afternoon snack attacks strike … And whilst bigger pickers need bigger knickers, sometimes carrot […]

Time to grieve

October 30, 2011


 I have a bad back at the moment, nothing more than a muscular strain I think, post too much playing on the BOSU at Fitness First.  But painful it is and rendering me quite immobile. So this morning I went on to a popular running site for advice on how best to treat it and […]

Secrets of the stairwell

October 27, 2011


A few weeks ago I did a mammoth stair climbing session at the Grand Millennium Al Wahda.  I returned to our room feeling on top of the world and Emily immediately remarked on my sheer level of exhilaration after climbing 150 floors. My reply involved my pointing out that the particular stair well in question […]

tori … on being all in …

October 24, 2011


I was forced to work extra hard during my fab training session with Mark at Fitness First this morning when I realised the other PT’s were all eyes on me … no doubt wondering if it was the real fit chick Tori or just a look-a-like of the girl in the adidas Running Magazine being […]

BOttomS Up

October 23, 2011


Most runners have laughably weak glutes and many have comical core strength to match.  I unfortunately suffer from both and according to my physio, every strain and pain boils down to one or the other. So when Mark, my PT at Fitness First, told me at our initial consultation that he’d be devising me a […]

Time to get T.U.F.F.

October 20, 2011


I’m enormously excited about being sponsored with a Fitness First Platinum Club membership going forward. ENORMOUSLY.  I love the clubs, always have done … the gyms are great, the classes unbeatable in terms of both quality and quantity and the staff are always über friendly. And when I was at FF HQ last week, both […]