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Dead fish

August 3, 2011


Aiden shared a great quote by Malcolm Muggeridge with me yesterday … ‘Only dead fish go with the flow.’ This one will stay with me, I know, because I have forever been a fish who battles upstream, when it comes to training, work or play.  Why? I just like it that way.  It’s more fun […]

Ramadan is for life …

August 2, 2011


not just for Ramadan. I picked up a copy of Time Out this week and there was an article titled ‘How to fast healthily this Ramadan.’ The article started off by saying that a vital part of completing a Ramadan fast is to know how to break it properly. Reading on however, I noticed the […]

Shakin’ it up

July 31, 2011


The lovely Guillaume at Ignite fitness & wellness came across a genius invention a while back called the Smart Shake … and thankfully, for you and me, he didn’t just buy one for himself, he’s bought the distribution rights for the entire region and is now making a shake and stir as everyone tries to […]

Paddle for the Planet

July 27, 2011


As published in Outdoor UAE – July 11  Not yet seen Outdoor UAE this month?  Not yet read Adventure Chicks July column? Hurry now and get yourself a copy before being replaced by the next fab issue!

Three cheers for Cavekids

July 27, 2011


Half an hour into my first meeting with Aden Hopkins and latterly Scott Stevenson, I felt like we had been friends forever.  Referred through a mutual friend which lead to my doing some work for the boys and their fantastic company, Cavekids Evolution, we just clicked.  We have exactly the same thoughts behind the connections between […]

Hard yards

July 26, 2011


As published in The National – 26th July 11 

Lessons from Coco

July 25, 2011


As published on A few weeks ago, LOVESTYLE divas, I competed in a 100km running race in Singapore called the Sundowner. Starting at 6pm in the heat and humidity of a city that sits slap bang on the equator, the aim is to run 50km out, 50km back and to then cross the finish […]

Jebel for Jonathan

July 22, 2011


Around 3am this morning, dozens of cars set off from Dubai in the direction of Jebel Hafeet, a 1,240m mountain with 60 corners and an 8% ascent on the border of Al Ain.  A road snakes up from foot to summit, 13km long in all. By 5am, the cars were empty and the car park […]

Sweet elete

July 20, 2011


Anyone who hasn’t escaped Dubai’s summer meltdown is currently spending their days in 45c+ temperatures.  As soon as the sun emerges every morning, the air heats up like an industrial-strength fan-assisted oven and even late into the night, there is little respite. What to do then if you train outdoors … especially if you, like […]

Are you a stunner?

July 20, 2011


A stunner I hear you ask?  I ask not in the ‘hot chick’ sense but in the ‘stylish + runner = stunner’ sense?! On Sunday, I was super excited to hear the doorbell ring and to see an enormous adidas box awaiting me on the other side.  Like a child on Christmas morning, like Charlie […]

Wisdom from Wouter

July 18, 2011


Wouter Kingma, the much-loved Dubai photographer who has wowed hundreds and hundreds of Racing the Planet competitors with his awesome ability to capture the blood, sweat, tears and  joy of adventure runners from all four corners intent on living life to the full, sent out an email the other day that I can’t help but […]

Get Zumba-fied!

July 16, 2011


Once upon a time, the mere mention of aqua aerobics made me think of purple rinses, thunder thighs and floral swimsuits leaving far too much for the imagination. But in the last year or so, aqua has become cool again … it’s packed full of ladies of all ages, abilities and fitness levels desperate to reap […]

The best things …

July 11, 2011


come to those who wait … One of those phrases that irritate you immensely until you hear yourself saying it. And this is exactly how I felt today as I spent the morning with my wonderful adidas shopping to my hearts content from the Spring 2012 collection. Performance fabrics … the technical running tops are […]

Beat the summer slump

July 10, 2011


Published in Good Taste – July 11         

Tori’s two cents

July 8, 2011


The other day I was asked by a magazine to give my top five health, fitness and wellness tips.   Only five I thought?! Ask yourself the same question and you soon realise that this is pretty hard as between living, eating, training, working, wellness and more, day in day out, there are countless tips […]

Thai Tai Chi, Cocktail Frocks & Collagen Coffee

July 6, 2011


I had my last BKK run for a while this morning so fitting then that it was one full of action and adventure. I planned a route to and around Lumpini Park … a lush piece of land in the heart of the CBD … the Bangkok version of Safa Park I suppose. And Lumpini […]

Best Fitness Blogs

July 5, 2011


As featured in SHAPE – July 11 

Downward Dog Dubai

July 4, 2011


As published in Aquarius – July 11     Yoga is often billed as the ultimate antidote to life in the fast lane and in Dubai, where our every fitness and wellness whim seems to be attended to, we are spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of classes on offer. Follow our top tips […]

Singapore salutations & mindful planning

July 2, 2011


A few days ago, on my last day in Singapore, I spent a very lovely morning with my sisters and mum at yoga.  We arrived a little late, fell in the door like naughty school girls and immediately lifted the tempo in the room to all-round smiles and animated chatter. Our mats were alongside each […]

Searching for solemates

June 30, 2011


Once upon a time my choice of running shoes was determined by two key factors … the extent to which they featured pink (as well as the exact shade of said pink) and the extent to which they would match my running tops, because regardless of whether on the running track or on the catwalk, […]

I + I = < 2

June 21, 2011


See that title and think I made a typo?  Mixed up by 1’s and my I’s? No typo … just Tori’s revised version of the classic ‘the whole is great than the sum of the parts’ formula. How many times, in work or in play have you heard the words ‘There is no I in […]

Adventure Chick does Desert Ranch

June 20, 2011


Published in Outdoor UAE – June 2011 

All hail to aqua with Gail

June 19, 2011


Last week, A PT friend mentioned to me that she’d checked out Gail’s Aqua Aerobics and loved it.  I’d already arranged to go this morning but Marianne’s review just fuelled my anticipation as once upon a time, I associated aqua with purple rinses and a class full of people either very overweight or very pregnant. […]

Workout @ work

June 18, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE As the weather gets hotter it becomes more and more tempting to ditch going out for lunch … ditch any lunchtime activities requiring much energy or outdoor time all together … and opt instead for a desk-delivered gourmet picnic from our local sushi joint. And whilst this may save our spending […]


June 18, 2011


IS WITHIN ME NOW! This was one of the many affirmations I chanted this morning but before I get to this and the others that featured, let’s go back to the beginning. I got in touch with Yvette of Breathe Believe Pilates via the wonderful Noura whose yoga I’ve been to (see Ironing out the […]

Past times & pancakes

June 16, 2011


Once upon a time, I was rarely out the water …. all thanks to being brought up in Hong Kong, with a warm climate and a great pool just steps from my bedroom … oh and a youth as a competitive swimmer.  To this day, I remember in acute detail, being woken by my parents at […]

I heart Zumba

June 13, 2011


I know it will come as no surprise when I announce to the world my love for Zumba … my previous posts, Calling all Zumba virgins and Lessons in life, Latino-style say it all …  And no wonder … with my two left feet and complete lack of rhythm combined with the easiest of sequences […]


June 12, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE.COM Some of us swear by stretching … incorporate it diligently in our every workout.  Others bypass it all together … become forgetful or complacent as injury has never struck so why start now? As for me?  I sit firmly somewhere in between.  I talk about stretching, I have great intentions to […]

Sharing soles & nourishing souls

June 8, 2011


Last weekend I spent a fantastic afternoon with Muna and a great team of volunteers from The Seeds of Change group who go about doing random acts of kindness within Dubai. A fabulous concept, a fabulous group and Muna is nothing short of fabulous all-round. As I mentioned in my post that followed that I love random acts of […]

Twinkling eyes & secret smiles

June 6, 2011


Yesterday my friend Emily was asking me about how I like to run so much, what I think about and how I keep my busy little mind occupied for so long. My answer ….? It’s my time to get creative, brainstorm, set goals and plan adventures, sing along to cheesey tunes, listen to audio books […]

Shopping for shoes

June 5, 2011


Published on Now I know that most of you LOVESTYLE divas may not reach quite the same level of euphoria when buying trainers as you do when splurging on a new pair of Choos or splashing out on some Lanvin ballet pumps … but trainers need to play multiple roles so you need to […]

Paddle for the Planet

June 4, 2011


This morning, 7.30am, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s North Beach, our crystal clear waters were awash with paddlers …. kayakers, SUP’ers, surf-skiers, dragon boaters … I even caught sight of a swimmer with paddles on his hands … all there to support a pretty awesome initiative called Paddle for the Planet. Here’s what you need to […]