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Forever young with Celergen

September 24, 2014


When first contacted about trialling a cell therapy supplement that promised to intensify cell regeneration, boost energy and stamina levels, improve memory and alertness, reduce wrinkles, enhance metabolism and alleviate pain, I was a little reluctant to be honest. I didn’t feel my energy levels needed a boost, suffer no pain and my memory seems […]

Addiction fiction

March 24, 2014


Picked up the latest issue of Trail yet? If not, it’s on shelves now and promises a wonderful read of tales from the trail and my words below to make you want to tie up those laces and get out and run… she taps, unable to do so herself, with a pack of peas on her knee […]

‘the Julia way’

March 1, 2014


Just a few weeks ago, I touched down at ‘home’ in bonnie Scotland, after a trip to Italy. On the face of it, the purpose of the holiday was for time on the piste but in reality, it was a week or so of pure indulgence, one where a calorie-laden buffet was never far from […]

Pick, plot, plan & prepare

June 11, 2013


I wrote an article for The Sweat Shop recently about the key elements you should consider when picking a trail race. Here it is … for any of you would-be trail runners. I don’t believe there’s a single soul in the world who’s ever looked back after swapping pavement pounding for the tales of the […]

fashion. fitness. food.

April 3, 2013


Is there any better combination that these three? I think not, well, not legal in the UAE anyway! It’s no secret that I, and anyone reading this, loves keeping fit.  Put all the health and wellness benefits aside and it really boils down to looking great and feeling great, taking care of ourselves inside and […]

Turning points

March 6, 2013


Aquarius magazine are currently planning a Love your age special and did a shout out on facebook the other day asking for readers to submit their favourite age and why?  What happened during that year that changed their lives? Timely then that I was fresh off the phone with Jules Lewis, Founder of Mountain High, […]

QT with your cuties

March 2, 2013


Living in Dubai and got yourself some kids?   If so, click on the links below for the complete lowdown on the best options to get fit with your kids … from yoga with your toddlers to FlyWheel with your tweens, it’s all covered, right here!   As published in Aquarius – February 2013 With […]

Cool as a cucumber

January 12, 2013


These tips, pre being Tori-fied, featured in The New York Times a few weeks back and were sent to me by my mum. Who knew that the amazing cucumber had so many uses? Add to this the fact that they are super cheap (lots grown here in the UAE), fabulously good for you (high water content […]

Brazilian butt

January 5, 2013


Want one? Here’s what you need to do. Head down to Flywheel Dubai at Downtown’s Burj Views. If you’ve yet to check this place out it is AWESOME. First made famous for its Flywheel classes, it’s about to become more famous thanks to its FlyBarre classes. I went yesterday and I swear I left with […]

Body beautiful

October 3, 2012


A week ago today, I was in the Blue Mountains with my partner in crime, HK Adventure Baby, and amongst our many discussions covering everything from work and play, boys and toys to hopes and dreams, we discussed negative body image and the constant mental battles that girls can face. We talked about how ultimately […]

Inspiration at work

September 5, 2012


Back in late 2009, I remember sitting in Guillaume Mariole’s bachelor pad on the Palm plotting and planning the launch of his new fitness and wellness company, Ignite.  We’d spend hours buzzing with ideas, brimming with thoughts and discussing everything from logos to taglines, websites to merchandise. And then in early 2010, Ignite fitness & wellness […]

Getting hot & sweaty in the sand (Part1)

August 26, 2012


When running recently with Lee aka the Sheikh of Showka from Dubai Trail Running, I recall telling him that I attribute any success I’ve had running with two key elements … training in the sand and training in the heat.  I try to do most of my running ‘off-road’, albeit within the confines of the […]

Body bites

August 10, 2012


I popped into Fitness First post my run yesterday to do an InBody analysis.  It’s been a while and I tend to find the odd little report motivational regardless of the results.  If I’ve gone downhill since the last, I think why and try to rectify … and if improved, I use the results to fuel […]

Fiats v Ferrari’s

June 3, 2012


Not a week goes by without some fleeting fad that everyone raves about.  And whilst sometimes they prove to be nothing more than just that … others stick and for good reason too. Trigger Point Performance Therapy (or TPPT), I reckon, might be one of these. My yoga teacher, Bram did the course a couple […]

Abel advice

April 22, 2012


You keep failing at your attempted transformation because you keep missing the central component of it by looking in the wrong place. You must, and have to – learn to love the body you have, while on the journey to acquiring the body you want. No one can SELF-HATE their way to an improved life! […]

Priceless art

April 17, 2012


Today I had an eye-opening discussion with Amir Siddiqui from Symmetry in the Gold & Diamond Park.  Fascinating.  One of those guys who just seems to command attention, Amir has a presence and an authority that makes you listen.  He also has a knowledge about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness that quite frankly makes a mockery […]

Wonder of the Wobble

January 30, 2012


I felt like a child in a candy store the other day when I entered Fitness First to see lots of new toys to play with.  A big refurb has resulted in a huge cool new area with loads of functional equipment … and … the introduction of WOBBLE BOARDS!  Wobble Boards take all my […]

Shoot for the moon

January 11, 2012


Today is the 11thof Jan.  How many people made resolutions I wonder and how many are so far sticking to them? My Group Ex classes this week at Fitness First have been filled to the brim with dedicated body pumpers, jamers, balancers and combaters but will it last? In 2011, I wrote a feature for […]

Check for CHEK

December 11, 2011


Today I had a fascinating consultation with Keith Littlewood.  Heard of him?  If not, it’s prob a matter of time until you do.  He’s only been in the sandpit for six months or so but is fast making a name for himself as the guru of biomechanics and rehabilitation. His website has more info […]

Persistence pays

November 10, 2011


This week I have felt ever so pleased with myself … well, my performance anyway … on the BOSU no less!  I wrote about the marvellous BOSU not long ago and ever since, I can safely say I’ve become quite hooked.  Day in day out, I’ve been popping into Fitness First and taking place in […]

tori … on being all in …

October 24, 2011


I was forced to work extra hard during my fab training session with Mark at Fitness First this morning when I realised the other PT’s were all eyes on me … no doubt wondering if it was the real fit chick Tori or just a look-a-like of the girl in the adidas Running Magazine being […]

Time to get T.U.F.F.

October 20, 2011


I’m enormously excited about being sponsored with a Fitness First Platinum Club membership going forward. ENORMOUSLY.  I love the clubs, always have done … the gyms are great, the classes unbeatable in terms of both quality and quantity and the staff are always über friendly. And when I was at FF HQ last week, both […]

Turning perspiration into a fashion sensation

September 15, 2011


… in one easy step! Every so often you come across an invention so simple yet so fiendishly clever that you wonder how you ever managed life without it. And when you find out that said invention actually comes in pink and or animal print, it’s rating overshoots the ‘must have’ scale and fit chick […]

Wellness at work

September 11, 2011


Corporate wellness programmes are no longer limited to multi-national corporations.  Now everyone’s doing it!  Check out my feature in New You this month about Wellness in the Workplace … maybe even leave a copy lying around your HR manager … who knows what fun it might lead to!

Big screen v the great outdoors

September 9, 2011


Let’s face it.  We all have days when we feel we should get in some exercise but the thought of getting outside just isn’t appealing … in DXB, it’s too hot and humid, in UK, too wet and windy.  Or perhaps you can’t leave home … got kids or remain optimistic that the maintenance man […]

Fit Kids

September 8, 2011


Do your kids spend too much time in front of the TV and not enough getting active?  Well read on for fit chick Tori’s handy guide, as published in Aquarius this month, of the coolest options in town to get your kids fighting fit!    

Clima cool chic

September 6, 2011


Follow Emirates Woman & LOVESTYLE.COM over the next three months for brilliant blogs and fitness fashion from the worlds coolest brand, adidas … 

Cards & corkscrews

August 27, 2011


Our obsession with all things electronic … In our days of Facebook, Tweets, email and texting, we have completely forgotten the value of a hand written message on beautiful stationery … even our bills are now electronic! But the truth is, there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love seeing a card on […]

Adventure Chick runs Singapore Sundowner

August 26, 2011


As published in Outdoor UAE magazine – Aug 11 … a while ago now I know but last chance to pick up this months issue of Outdoor UAE before the next fab issue graces our shelves …

The rules of the road

August 25, 2011

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The rules of the road and the trends of training are forever changing. Much like the dating game I guess … and whilst some stand the test of time, others just get gently modified along the way … tweaked following research reports, extensive observation or blog posts from such ground-breaking resources as fit chicks & […]

Pippa’s peach

August 23, 2011

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Remember ‘that’ dress?  The safety-pin dress worn by Liz Hurley in 2008? (btw … my mum had that dress and post four children still gave Liz a run for her money!) Well since then, there’s been plenty of hot bods adorning hot frocks on the cat walk and beyond but not until April this year […]

Get out the heat

August 21, 2011

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Imagine being in any city in the world and finding a giant centrally-located venue that is literally transformed into a giant world of sports in order to keep residents entertained and active during the hot summer months. Sounds pretty cool right? Well unbeknownst to many, we have exactly that … here … in Dubai … […]