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Ramadan is for life …

August 2, 2011


not just for Ramadan. I picked up a copy of Time Out this week and there was an article titled ‘How to fast healthily this Ramadan.’ The article started off by saying that a vital part of completing a Ramadan fast is to know how to break it properly. Reading on however, I noticed the […]

Shakin’ it up

July 31, 2011


The lovely Guillaume at Ignite fitness & wellness came across a genius invention a while back called the Smart Shake … and thankfully, for you and me, he didn’t just buy one for himself, he’s bought the distribution rights for the entire region and is now making a shake and stir as everyone tries to […]

Sweet elete

July 20, 2011


Anyone who hasn’t escaped Dubai’s summer meltdown is currently spending their days in 45c+ temperatures.  As soon as the sun emerges every morning, the air heats up like an industrial-strength fan-assisted oven and even late into the night, there is little respite. What to do then if you train outdoors … especially if you, like […]

milk & HONEY = chic & unique

July 14, 2011


milk & HONEY, as many in Dubai will already know, is a fabulous gourmet grocer and nothing short of frightfully chic and utterly unique. Nestled on the Palm and quietly taking Dubai by storm with its divine collection of the world’s best loved organic products, the pristine shelves are weighed down with rows and rows […]


July 13, 2011


n. 4. Slang a. A state of pleasant euphoria, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market b. A state of stimulation, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market c. Excited interest or attention: “The biggest buzz when it comes to top quality produce is all down to Dubai Garden Centre Food […]

I’ve been NAB’ed

July 10, 2011


I have to confess that I am terrible at drinking water. I need to force myself to stay hydrated, even now during Dubai’s hot summer. This, combined with my going cold turkey on fizzy drinks, means that I’m always on the lookout for alternative great tasting fruit drinks.  There is certainly no shortage on the […]

Beat the summer slump

July 10, 2011


Published in Good Taste – July 11         

Tori’s two cents

July 8, 2011


The other day I was asked by a magazine to give my top five health, fitness and wellness tips.   Only five I thought?! Ask yourself the same question and you soon realise that this is pretty hard as between living, eating, training, working, wellness and more, day in day out, there are countless tips […]

Thai Tai Chi, Cocktail Frocks & Collagen Coffee

July 6, 2011


I had my last BKK run for a while this morning so fitting then that it was one full of action and adventure. I planned a route to and around Lumpini Park … a lush piece of land in the heart of the CBD … the Bangkok version of Safa Park I suppose. And Lumpini […]

Downward Dog Dubai

July 4, 2011


As published in Aquarius – July 11     Yoga is often billed as the ultimate antidote to life in the fast lane and in Dubai, where our every fitness and wellness whim seems to be attended to, we are spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of classes on offer. Follow our top tips […]

Love you

June 27, 2011


As published on This week, LOVESTYLE divas, is a post about loving the way you look.  Dubai is a city full of beautiful women; we’re a young population and compared to other cities, we have high disposable incomes so have no qualms about treating ourselves regularly at spas, beauty salons and the malls. But […]

Workout @ work

June 18, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE As the weather gets hotter it becomes more and more tempting to ditch going out for lunch … ditch any lunchtime activities requiring much energy or outdoor time all together … and opt instead for a desk-delivered gourmet picnic from our local sushi joint. And whilst this may save our spending […]

Cha cha chia

June 15, 2011


One of the superfoods in the classic Born to Run book are chia seeds. I remember listening with interest and making a mental note to check them out and since then, my friend Anja and her hubbie Allan have recommended them, as have countless health and nutrition views and reviews. So off I went a […]


June 12, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE.COM Some of us swear by stretching … incorporate it diligently in our every workout.  Others bypass it all together … become forgetful or complacent as injury has never struck so why start now? As for me?  I sit firmly somewhere in between.  I talk about stretching, I have great intentions to […]


June 11, 2011


I just finished Daphne Miller’s book, The Jungle Effect and suggest anyone who takes an interest in nutrition, diet and wellness should read it. Here’s a sneak preview: Daphne is a US-based doctor who after years of seeing countless cases of chronic illness and weight gain decided to try to get to the dietary root […]

R u sun-savvy?

June 2, 2011


Find out with my quiz in this month’s Aquarius magazine!  

Diet secrets …

June 1, 2011


from the UAE’s Fittest Girls …. check out this months issue of Shape!

100 tip top tips

June 1, 2011


Check out my contribution in this month’s Viva feature … 100 Greatest Weight Loss Tips … Ever!      

Face the fear

May 31, 2011


Today is World No Tobacco day so I’m feeling very aware of days, or should I say habits, gone by as although I find smoking a repulsive habit these days I used to be a smoker myself. Tori the runner I hear you cry?!? Yes, Tori the runner! This is where it all began …. […]

Beat the heat

May 29, 2011


 Published on LOVESTYLE This morning (note: written & first published last Sun!) LOVESTYLE divas, you will have noticed that the dreaded humidity has arrived … it’s 80% today which equates to a good 8/10 on the FH (Frizzy Hair) scale resulting in a mass of hair that even our GHD’s struggle to tame. So needless […]

Real rocks

May 23, 2011


The last time I paid a visit to Real Pilates, I fell in love. My post Time to get Real said it all. Fast forward a few months and I returned this evening, this time to check out the reformer classes. Different class, different instructor, same results; I fell in love all over again. Here’s […]


May 18, 2011


I read some lovely words recently and today want to share them with you. They were: Start your day with L.I.F.E LAUGH – Do something that makes you feel positive INTENTIONS – Set a focus for the day and give it direction FUEL – Get a healthy nutritious meal in your body to give you […]

Step it up lady B

May 12, 2011


My friend Briony has made more than one comment of late re not getting mentions in my blog posts so today Briony, this one’s for you, although you might regret having ever said a word when you read on …. I first met Briony boxing. We would both be on the mats, thrashing it out […]

Lessons from letters

May 2, 2011


Last week, in response to my article in Aquarius a few months back – 9 STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I received this email from a girl called Hafsa: ‘I started eating healthy, and started using the treadmill which my mom gifted to me 2 years back but I never used it. Now it’s been 3 […]

Get a grip

April 24, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE  This week’s post is dedicated to losing your love handles … as whilst something to hold on to is always desirable … we are LOVESTYLE divas after all; strong, sexy and healthy … too much to hold on to and you end up with a stubborn muffin-top which ain’t a good […]

Hypoxi hype or cellulite solution?

April 23, 2011


This morning, I rocked up at Bodysmart’s studio at Hayya! in the Meadows for my power plate session but instead decided to give Hypoxi a go. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about as it’s widely touted as the best treatment for cellulite and Bodysmart has women coming in and out all […]

Power to the pelvis

April 17, 2011


I’ve just been to another yoga class, this time Fertility Yoga at Zen Yoga in Dubai Media City. Is there no end to the obscure yoga variations on offer now? It seems not, but when you think about it, it’s not even remotely obscure either. Yoga full stop has many benefits that are conducive to […]

Monkey magic

April 16, 2011


I had heard great things about Artistic Yoga and have fancied trying it for ages but not until this evening had I checked it out. And despite feeling agitated and slightly jaded today, thanks to a great party and one too many vodka jellies last night, I can honestly report that for a full hour, […]

Getting Naked in Dubai

April 14, 2011


With the huge selection of brands and their origins to be found in the supermarkets here, it can sometimes take a PhD to understand the food labeling … or, as is often the case, a vivid imagination due to the distinct lack of! And needless to say, if we can’t make smart nutritional choices based […]

Damage limitation

April 10, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE I have spent today with an insatiable appetite for naughty food, a lingering headache and a mouth as dry as the desert. Why? Because yesterday I was at the amazing wedding yesterday of Mary & Mark Patten. Stunning in every sense of the word but under the delightful sunshine, one glass […]

Beauty from Budapest

April 7, 2011


Having fallen in love with Budapest during my trip to Hungary last month, to run the 200km Balaton Supermarathon and then to enjoy the city in all it’s glory with my mum, it seemed only natural that I check out Elche …. Hungary’s finest import in Dubai, in the form of an award-winning beauty salon […]

Snooze and lose …

April 3, 2011


As published in LOVESTYLE LOVESTYLE divas love any excuse for a party and in Dubai, we are spoilt for choice with fabulous events night after night.  This weekend, of course, was the annual World Cup, so countless belles were dressed up in their foxiest heels and fabulous fascinators to enjoy Meydan in all it’s glory. […]