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Gratitude is an attitude

June 16, 2013


I spent this evening at a thought-provoking talk at the Capital Club with life and executive coach, Marwa Karoura. The topic?  “Operating out of Abundance: A Journey into the ‘Never Enough’ Illusion.” I was with my friend Brandy and chatting en route home, we both agreed that whilst we didn’t necessarily learn anything new, we […]

Doing it @ home

June 7, 2013


I flopped into bed last night feeling utterly exquisite. Why?  Because moments before, a gorgeous Balinese masseuse called Ani had closed the door behind her after a blissful massage chez moi. You see, despite being blessed in Dubai with great spas on pretty much every street corner, there is one thing that undoes the wonderful […]

PB running

May 18, 2013


PB I hear you cry?  Personal Best? No no, today a quick tip re a wonderful analogy I heard on an interview recently. When it comes to your race strategy, think peanut butter.  Consider that we’re each like a jar of peanut butter, which is filled according to our training, health, strength, stamina, courage, endurance […]

Essentially essential

March 13, 2013


Day 3 signaled the end of my Essentially Revitalisation cleanse. I should have been gearing up with excitement to normal food and naughty treats again but if truth be known, I had to cheat. Just a little. Insatiable hunger is one thing. Americano deprivation another. Combined and subject to an already hot-blooded female, it just […]

Cleansing for virgins

March 10, 2013


We’ve all picked up Grazia a million times and read about some crazy cleanse that promises that you’ll lose half your body weight by next weekends party or return to your pre-pregnancy body weight 3 ½ days after giving birth. You ask yourself, ‘how hard can it be?’ But in reality, the answer is very […]

Food glorious food

January 16, 2013


Signing up for a race in the French Alps this summer, I noticed a very cool question at the end of the registration form. It was: ‘What food would you like to see at the aid stations?’ Brilliant! Now needless to say, I suspect they don’t intend to cater for the diverse needs of a […]

There is only O.N.E.

February 10, 2012


When NAB Drinks told me they had a new drink in their range, I have to confess I only felt mildly excited.  I am after all, the world’s greatest fan of their Bai 5 range and what could possibly top a sip of a Congo Pear or a slurp of a Costa Rica Clementine. Fast […]

Smiles & miles

February 2, 2012


Every few days, I check out my site stats and recently, I can’t help but notice that my post in December, ‘Just like a butterfly‘ continues to have a huge number of visits. The post was about the science of happiness and how happiness comes when and from where we least expect it. “Happiness is […]

Bigger pickers …

November 8, 2011


… need bigger knickers This post is dedicated to Sarah at Fitness First HQ who, like me, is addicted to the choco dates on offer at reception but at 43 kcals per piece, there must be less naughty options when the afternoon snack attacks strike … And whilst bigger pickers need bigger knickers, sometimes carrot […]

Happiness al fresco

October 7, 2011


I’ve spent this afternoon doing research for a magazine feature on the Science of Happiness.  It’s a massive subject and hugely fascinating so needless to say, I keep getting side-tracked.  There are tools and techniques, tips galore, suggestions and more … and whilst countless research studies over the years have produced substantial evidence that happiness […]

Big screen v the great outdoors

September 9, 2011


Let’s face it.  We all have days when we feel we should get in some exercise but the thought of getting outside just isn’t appealing … in DXB, it’s too hot and humid, in UK, too wet and windy.  Or perhaps you can’t leave home … got kids or remain optimistic that the maintenance man […]


May 18, 2011


I read some lovely words recently and today want to share them with you. They were: Start your day with L.I.F.E LAUGH – Do something that makes you feel positive INTENTIONS – Set a focus for the day and give it direction FUEL – Get a healthy nutritious meal in your body to give you […]

Getting Naked in Dubai

April 14, 2011


With the huge selection of brands and their origins to be found in the supermarkets here, it can sometimes take a PhD to understand the food labeling … or, as is often the case, a vivid imagination due to the distinct lack of! And needless to say, if we can’t make smart nutritional choices based […]

The skinny on cocktails

March 25, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE Spring is well and truly upon us and Summer is just around the corner. What this means for us LOVESTYLE divas is that no sooner have we got into the habit of taking out a chic wrap to keep ourselves warm, do we need to pull out our favourite bikinis and […]

CNY tori-style

February 2, 2011


Celebrating Chinese New Year need not give you a body like Buddha! The year of the rabbit begins tomorrow which means time to enjoy delicious Chinese food with friends and family … as a result, pretty much every Chinese restaurant in Dubai, no make that the world, will be tantalising your taste buds with extravagant […]

Get Waisted!

November 12, 2010


Click here to see these tips on Brunch is an institution in Dubai but they don’t have to be unhealthy calorie-laden extravaganzas.  Follow my tips and you’ll realise that you can still indulge without having to compromise. Opt whenever possible for a la carte over buffets. Try to stick with a few types of […]