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On & off piste

February 18, 2013


Fresh off the piste and full of the joys of snow, I’ve just finished writing an article about my skiing adventures this past week in Japan … here’s a sneak preview: Often referred to as Asia’s ‘Whistler’, Niseko lies in Japan’s remote and rugged northern island of Hokkaido. The scenery is alpine with a touch […]

Rekindling the fire

February 14, 2013


There are times when you can’t get enough of each other, you and the trails … when your grass is green as green can be, the sky the bluest blue, there’s bounce in your every step and you feel like you’re running on air. But then there are also times when you lose that spark, your […]

Snowy Sapporo

February 9, 2013


I touched down in Sapporo last night after some horrific turbulence as we attempted to land during a massive snowstorm. On landing, I felt freezing even looking out the window. Think pitch-black darkness and huge snow crystals, lit by the glare of the runway lighting, flying in every direction. Minus ten, the captain announced.  My […]

Kudos for Kenkoh’s

November 26, 2012


When the lovely PR gals for Kenkoh Massage Footwear asked if they could send a pair my way, of course, I said yes.  After two 100km races this month alone, my feet can certainly do with some tender loving care and there are only so many pedicures one can have … yes, even in Dubai! Besides, […]

Kaizen continued

April 21, 2012


I have seen and heard the word ‘kaizen’ crop up a few times recently which prompted me to revisit a post I wrote about it in 2010.  Here it is below. Re-reading it has certainly pushed me to consider how well I’ve done with my three little intentions! I’ve def. improved on all three but not […]

Shakin’ it up at Fit-Quake

May 14, 2011


Today FXT Fitness held Fit-Quake … a charity event in aid of raising funds for the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Held at Studio Fitness in JBR, it was a day of fitness and fun although post a long run this morning, I admittedly opted out of anything remotely resembling hard work and […]

Swimming with sharks

April 25, 2011


I mentioned to a friend the other day that as soon as things are running super smoothly in my life, when I reach a nice level of comfort, it’s time to shake things up. I guess I thrive on challenge and excitement and without an element of both, I feel restless and without drive. Similarly, […]

Combat for a cause

April 1, 2011


Fitness Beat in TECOM had a Charity Aerobathon earlier to raise money for Japan. A whole host of classes were free with the instructors donating their time to teach and all donations going straight to support victims of the earthquake. A fantastic cause without question so I headed down to the combat class to check […]

Kudos for Kaizen

November 30, 2010


My post To Crack or not to Crack led to an immediate response from my mum, “But I’ve been telling you that for ages.” Nothing new there then. Mothers always know best and are always the first to point out, annoyingly at times, things that take you an age to then discover yourself. But what […]