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Learning from Latin

August 22, 2013


Much of yesterday was spent with my head in a Latin dictionary as I scoured for inspiration for a new business name for a client of mine. There’s something about Latin words that just seem to denote power and prestige. As for Latin phrases, they’re often beautifully wrapped thought-provoking philosophies or simple reminders of how […]

Get Zumba-fied!

July 16, 2011


Once upon a time, the mere mention of aqua aerobics made me think of purple rinses, thunder thighs and floral swimsuits leaving far too much for the imagination. But in the last year or so, aqua has become cool again … it’s packed full of ladies of all ages, abilities and fitness levels desperate to reap […]

I heart Zumba

June 13, 2011


I know it will come as no surprise when I announce to the world my love for Zumba … my previous posts, Calling all Zumba virgins and Lessons in life, Latino-style say it all …  And no wonder … with my two left feet and complete lack of rhythm combined with the easiest of sequences […]

Lessons in life, Latino-style

January 18, 2011


Although today was a productive one work wise, I still didn’t actually get out of my PJ’s until gone 4.30pm and the furthest I walked was from the desk to the fridge and Chupa Chup jar and back … albeit one too many times. So to get some spring into my step, I went for […]

Calling all Zumba virgins

January 11, 2011


If you’ve yet to jump on the Zumba-wagon, do so without delay. It’s so much fun … in fact, it could be the most fun you can have working up a sweat full stop …. legally and with your clothes on anyway … I first trialed it for Aquarius Magazine and clearly, one trial wasn’t […]