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Beauty on Bromo

September 3, 2013


This past weekend I ran the Bromo Marathon in East Java, Indonesia. I was heading east anyway, “working” in Koh Samui next week so what’s an extra four hour flight, I figured. Besides, seeing as my little sister lives just 100k or so from the race venue, it seemed crazy not to include it in […]

Safety in numbers

April 25, 2013


I was listening the other day to a first time marathon runner describe their experience of training for and participating in last weekends London Marathon.  She talked about getting on the train towards the race start and being surrounded by hundreds of runners … all seeming like experienced marathoners, all appearing cool and calm, all […]

Clouds without linings

April 17, 2013


When thinking up blog material, I try as I might to think of a positive spin … top takeaways, lessons to learn, messages to marvel over and so on … but when tragedy strikes, I find myself lost for words.  Sometimes, shit just happens, without rhyme or reason, and it’s impossible to find a silver lining […]

Running, wheels & pink slips

January 9, 2013


I ran this morning on my favourite urban sand tracks and soaked up the words in the final few chapters of Dean Karnazes’s book ’50/50 … Secrets I learnt running 50 Marathons in 50 Days.’ Dean Karnazes is an American ultramarathon runner, author and once named one of the world’s top 100 most influential people […]

Gym & tonic anyone?

November 21, 2012


I woke yesterday with a pounding head and a furry tongue.  The night previous, one glass of vino in Hong Kong’s Soho turned into another and another.  Before I knew it, I was guzzling G&T’s like they were going out of fashion and talking nonsense with some fab friends. How timely then that yesterday’s Daily […]

Vive le running

July 22, 2012


This morning I took a walk amongst the forests at the back of Chateau Rigaud with my mum and brother.  We talked briefly of the rise in popularity in France of ‘le running’ … it’s huge here.  The sheer amount of races in their calendar speaks volumes and no wonder.  The landscape is breathtaking from […]

Debbie & divorce

April 4, 2012


I ran the first few miles of last weeks G2E with a fab girl I met called Debbie.  Her husband was also running … he too an ultra runner and we had a joke about the benefits of being married to another runner. Timely then that a hilarious article in a UK paper yesterday discussed […]

Tis the eve of the marathon …

January 26, 2012


Tis the eve of the Dubai Marathon / 10km and there’s an air of excitement all around. Some will turn up for nothing more than the jolly or a good training run whilst others will have spent months preparing. And if you fall into the latter category, you must make sure to avoid any pre-race […]

Passion, pavements & prose

September 1, 2011


This afternoon I sat in the glorious London sunshine with my mum having lunch. We got to talking about various long-distance running events on the Tori-agenda to which she said I should perhaps try to avoid going down the ultra route and stick instead with marathons in order to preserve my knees and just protect, in […]

Step it up lady B

May 12, 2011


My friend Briony has made more than one comment of late re not getting mentions in my blog posts so today Briony, this one’s for you, although you might regret having ever said a word when you read on …. I first met Briony boxing. We would both be on the mats, thrashing it out […]

Lessons from letters

May 2, 2011


Last week, in response to my article in Aquarius a few months back – 9 STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I received this email from a girl called Hafsa: ‘I started eating healthy, and started using the treadmill which my mom gifted to me 2 years back but I never used it. Now it’s been 3 […]

Fuel for marathons (running AND retail)

March 6, 2011


First published on LOVESTYLE There might not be huge numbers of LOVESTYLE divas that run marathons but there are no prizes for guessing that all LOVESTYLE divas love marathon shopping sessions so whichever camp you fall into (in my case both!) take note. A healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine are vital to […]

Girls chasing boys v boys chasing girls

January 27, 2011


This morning some brief banter with no other than a certain Michael Jackson, led to his making a comment about girls finding long distance running easier than men. Of course, my immediate reaction was to poo-poo this statement and point out that long-distance running, requiring great endurance and mental strength, is equally difficult regardless of […]

Score 4

January 24, 2011


Since the marathon last Friday, I’ve had loads of people ask me how I did. And no doubt every other runner has too. We reply with thoughts on the day … perhaps our times too … and the common response tends to be ‘Wow … I could never do that,’ or ‘I can’t run for […]

Driving determination

January 21, 2011


So this morning was of course the Dubai Marathon.  For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a popular one, attracting countless professionals thanks to the super fast course and the huge prize money at stake … a million US, tax-free. But for people like you and me, it’s a pretty uninspiring run … one long drag […]

Trading the track for the Tempranillo

December 15, 2010


An exercise in training to taste or tasting to train? Last night I spent the evening wine tasting in the company of no other than Oz Clarke, arguably Britain’s best loved wine writer and broadcaster. On arrival, a quick scan deducted that there were a lot of wines to taste, perhaps 30 or more and […]