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My two feet

August 11, 2013


I met a friend running around the Marina yesterday and we chatted about it being nearly a year since I went carless. You see, last summer I made the decision to sell my car with the intention to change or upgrade. It sold quickly and then various adventures got in the way of sorting another. […]

Why trawl the mall?

April 28, 2013


When it comes to buying gifts for people, I often find myself taking the whole ordeal far too seriously. I want to give gifts with thought, that have meaning or purpose, something that someone might have chosen on their own. This, combined with my oft inability to make snappy decisions has led me to more […]

Rally for Rich

November 25, 2012


I try as I might to find a silver lining in every situation … try to find meaning or a lesson to learn … but sadly, sometimes tragedies happen devoid of rhyme and reason. And this is one of those times. You see, on 11th October 2012, the life of a guy called Rich Holland, […]

Inspiration at work

September 5, 2012


Back in late 2009, I remember sitting in Guillaume Mariole’s bachelor pad on the Palm plotting and planning the launch of his new fitness and wellness company, Ignite.  We’d spend hours buzzing with ideas, brimming with thoughts and discussing everything from logos to taglines, websites to merchandise. And then in early 2010, Ignite fitness & wellness […]

Wonders of the wadis

July 25, 2012


Back in May when running Action Asia China in Lijiang, my fab friend and roomie, Rachel Jacqueline (a.k.a HK Adventure Baby) mentioned that she planned to write a HK trail running profile for … Bryon Powell, the king of the hills on the site has a great section of trail running destination guides. I […]

AC does Via Ferrata

March 25, 2012


As published in Outdoor UAE – March 2012. We’re fast approaching the end of March so if you haven’t picked up a copy of Outdoor UAE magazine yet, do so now before the April issue hits the shelves! This month, Adventure Chick hit Muscat for a spot of Via Ferrata … turned out to be […]

Musings from Muscat

February 25, 2012


I write this post from Muscat airport consoling my imminent departure with a Massimo Americano (with skinny milk Rob!). The purpose of my trip was a Via Ferrata adventure with Muscat Diving & Adventure Centre.  And the result?  A truly fab weekend that I’m not ready to see end. My Via Ferrata experience will soon […]

To lift or not to lift …

January 21, 2012


… that is the question!  Make up your own call after reading ten top reasons for and against … REASONS AGAINST 1. You might break a nail 2. You might bruise a male ego or two 3. You’ll eat properly and still be able to lose fat … sounds like the work of the devil! […]

Doing it al fresco

December 29, 2011


As published in In Dubai – Dec 11 / Jan 12 Still have family and friends in town but can’t face the thought of yet another lazy brunch or cocktail sesh? Check out these cooler than cool ideas to entertain anyone and everyone … all local, all fun, all al fresco …

Old soles for good souls

December 14, 2011


Don’t you love it when a fabulous idea quietly bubbles just beneath the surface then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, it bursts into life?  I do … and yesterday afternoon, as I sat nestled on my sofa, researching potential publishers for my planned book, this happened! The idea was borne in […]

Stay lean & keen with plenty protein

November 1, 2011


Yesterday I spent time on some nutrition sites on a quest to work out my food plan for Racing the Planet Nepal.  Being a self-supported race, I need to keep the weight in my pack to the absolute minimum (permitting of course, the odd miniature Clarins treat) but at the same time, take the most […]

Fruits of passion

October 17, 2011


I had a magical photo shoot in the beautiful Bastikaya with Wouter from Wouter Kingma Photography this morning. Amongst the many things we talked about was about passion.  Wouter said it’s easy to shoot people doing what they love to do because their passion shines through. In a similar vein, the talk I did in […]

Make a splash

October 16, 2011


As published in Aquarius – Oct 11  With Dubai’s white sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean and vast swimming pools on practically every street corner, it seems crazy not to take advantage of the endless options for water-based fun. Besides, what better way to beat the heat than to stay cool in the pool?! Check out […]

When losing means winning

October 15, 2011


I have just returned from a weekend at Abu Dhabi’s Grand Millennium Hotel to do a motivational talk to the contestants of their Biggest Shrinker Contest.  All in all, a lovely night away thanks to their awesome facilities, enormous hospitality and my exceptional company (thank you Mrs. O! x) But back to the purpose of […]

Get out the heat

August 21, 2011

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Imagine being in any city in the world and finding a giant centrally-located venue that is literally transformed into a giant world of sports in order to keep residents entertained and active during the hot summer months. Sounds pretty cool right? Well unbeknownst to many, we have exactly that … here … in Dubai … […]

Sweet elete

July 20, 2011


Anyone who hasn’t escaped Dubai’s summer meltdown is currently spending their days in 45c+ temperatures.  As soon as the sun emerges every morning, the air heats up like an industrial-strength fan-assisted oven and even late into the night, there is little respite. What to do then if you train outdoors … especially if you, like […]


July 13, 2011


n. 4. Slang a. A state of pleasant euphoria, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market b. A state of stimulation, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market c. Excited interest or attention: “The biggest buzz when it comes to top quality produce is all down to Dubai Garden Centre Food […]

Paddle for the Planet

June 4, 2011


This morning, 7.30am, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s North Beach, our crystal clear waters were awash with paddlers …. kayakers, SUP’ers, surf-skiers, dragon boaters … I even caught sight of a swimmer with paddles on his hands … all there to support a pretty awesome initiative called Paddle for the Planet. Here’s what you need to […]

Fit for fashion

May 22, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE.COM This weeks post, LOVESTYLE divas, is about looking good whilst you work out. Check out the chicks around you in any gym and you have some, you divas I hope, who wear great threads in gorgeous colours with a cute polish to match. Others however, seem to reserve the cool kit […]

The tragedy of the treadmill

May 15, 2011


Dedicated to AJ. You know who you are and you know what you need to do! Now that Summer has reared it’s hot head on our shores, I’ve had more than a few runners lament over moving inside and taking to the treadmill. Just the word fills me with horror so this post, Tragedy of […]

Dance Dubai

April 27, 2011


As published in Aquarius – May 11 Once upon a time, dance classes were associated with little girls wearing pink tutus and prancing around the school hall, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so! Fast forward a few years and cities throughout the world, Dubai included, are alive with classes in every dance style imaginable … check […]

Energize me

April 5, 2011


Last night I went to Club Energize. What on earth does that entail I hear you ask? I too thought at first that it sounded like the name of an under 18’s club where alcohol is forbidden and teens get up to no good (or all good!) in dark corners. But no. Club Energize is […]

Combat for a cause

April 1, 2011


Fitness Beat in TECOM had a Charity Aerobathon earlier to raise money for Japan. A whole host of classes were free with the instructors donating their time to teach and all donations going straight to support victims of the earthquake. A fantastic cause without question so I headed down to the combat class to check […]

People and picassos

March 15, 2011


The art scene in Dubai this week is as hot as it gets what with the opening preview of Art Dubai this evening and a ton of other exhibitions going on throughout the city. I plan to swing by the Madinat this evening en route to the airport for a little preview… sans cheque book […]

Winning wellness

March 5, 2011


Today I went to the annual Wellness Day at Dubai Ladies Club. Despite being a pretty grim day weather-wise, with the sun desperately trying to shine but just not quite getting there and the wind causing multiple hair-on-lipgloss moments, the highlights for me were these: The all-female atmosphere at Dubai Ladies Club always creates a […]

Shine with SH’BAM™

February 10, 2011


After a rather lazy start to the day I turned up to the Quay Healthclub, Madinat Jumeirah at 9.40 this morning. At the same time, throughout Dubai, malls were just starting to come to life, office workers were letting their minds wonder to their lunch break, school kids were praying for the next bell to […]

Curb the cost of fitness …

February 6, 2011


… and save your cash for Choos! Written for & published on LOVESTYLE There are no shortage of fitness companies in Dubai, with hot classes, hotter offers and hotter still trainers to keep even LOVESTYLE divas on their toes. But what about those of you who are feeling the pinch after the season of gifts […]

Al fresco fun …

February 3, 2011


Calling all Dubai dudes and dudettes … if you’ve yet to make plans for the weekend and are keen to explore but need to know more … check out my feature in this months Aquarius Magazine – Hike the UAE PS.  One option is the infamous Stairway to Heaven.  I must re-iterate how taxing a […]

Be shaped by SHAPE

January 22, 2011


Today was SHAPE Middle East Detox Day … and it was a fab from start to finish. Taking place on the lush lawns at the Royal Meridien, 100 or so gorgeous girls arrived at 10am to be spoilt with freshly-pressed juice, hot coffee and breakfast nibbles. We then had an outdoor bikram yoga sesh, courtesy […]

Get high on scenery

January 6, 2011


When browsing a running site the other day, I came across a guy called Andrew, a doctor from Aberdeen, Scotland who is currently running an epic 3,000 miles from Scotland to the Sahara in 85 days.* Needless to say, this is an incredible feat and I couldn’t help but feel utterly inspired by his challenge.  […]

Seal that Deal!

November 12, 2010


Published in SME Advisor – July 10 The way you present yourself is without doubt as important as your words.  You have just a few seconds to make that initial impression and it’s almost impossible ever to change it, but with a little thought and preparation, you can make some smart choices to help you […]

Keep the Dubai stone at bay

November 12, 2010


This time of year many people arrive in the Emirates only to be greeted with all-you-can-eat buffet deals and amazing drinks offers.  Add to that the stress of a new job and fast paced city living and suddenly the dreaded Dubai stone is no longer an urban myth. Small steps do however go a long […]