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Cut yourself some slack

April 8, 2014


I received a mailer last week from Sue Fuller-Good at Jo’burg’s Body Brilliance. It totally resonated… not so much to as I am now but as I once was. So relentlessly hard on myself… expecting A* performances in everything I did, not settling for anything less than total perfection in everything I turned my hand […]

A life less ordinary

February 8, 2014


Yesterday, I went to my old boarding school, Edinburgh’s Fettes College, to talk at Careers Day. I rarely say yes to public speaking opportunities… I’m far more comfortable behind my screen than in front of a crowd, but over the years, I’ve become so aware of how fortunate I am to have been educated at […]

Eye on Tori

June 21, 2013


Last night, I was interviewed by the awesome Shane Phillips for his Eye on Careers show.  As always with this sort of thing, the time passed and we covered a fraction of what I anticipated. Still, it was a great discussion amongst three of us … me, an entrepreneur called Samer and Professor Abraham, the […]

Personalities & poetry

November 15, 2012


When writing yesterday about introverts and their attraction to distance running, it struck me that just as personality tests are often used to pinpoint the best career paths for us, so too should such tests determine our ideal sports. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap between the work we are best to […]

Carpe punctum

October 27, 2012


Today’s post is short and sweet …  Last week, I heard these gorgeous words on the radio: ‘It’s not about the length, it’s about the depth, it’s not about the minutes, it’s about the moments.’* Gorgeous. Then yesterday, I was reading Dan Millman’s book, The Twelve Gateways to Freedom.  I have devoured his words before and […]

See, hear & feel

October 20, 2012


I’m currently in the midst of a course in NLP. Fascinating, not least because I’m fast realising that a number of my personal little quirks are really not very personal at all.  I’m simply a classic visual person. All these years and I often hear people say that mid conversation, I suddenly seem so withdrawn, […]

Shit happens

August 8, 2012


I’m often ‘accused’ of being a little too positive at times … if I were a religion, I’d perhaps be of the happy-clappy variety … so it amused me when I received a mailer yesterday from a motivational speaker I follow entitled ‘A steaming hot turd.’ The article was all about how we can’t be […]

Wellness at work

September 11, 2011


Corporate wellness programmes are no longer limited to multi-national corporations.  Now everyone’s doing it!  Check out my feature in New You this month about Wellness in the Workplace … maybe even leave a copy lying around your HR manager … who knows what fun it might lead to!

Adventure Chick runs Singapore Sundowner

August 26, 2011


As published in Outdoor UAE magazine – Aug 11 … a while ago now I know but last chance to pick up this months issue of Outdoor UAE before the next fab issue graces our shelves …

Score 4

January 24, 2011


Since the marathon last Friday, I’ve had loads of people ask me how I did. And no doubt every other runner has too. We reply with thoughts on the day … perhaps our times too … and the common response tends to be ‘Wow … I could never do that,’ or ‘I can’t run for […]

Time for a one-on-one Q&A

December 30, 2010


It’s that time of year when I for one am setting yet more goals … new year, new opportunities, new focus and so on. And … as I’ve spent the last few weeks back in bonnie Scotland and had some stunningly scenic solo runs, which have made the perfect backdrop for plotting and planning what […]

Henry had a point …

December 6, 2010


Henry Ford, the prolific inventor, father of the assembly line and founder of the Ford Motor Company once said: “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” And how very true he was … Only last night I was at a Goal Setting for 2011 Workshop run by my friend Carolyn of […]