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Hard yards

July 26, 2011


As published in The National – 26th July 11 

Are you a stunner?

July 20, 2011


A stunner I hear you ask?  I ask not in the ‘hot chick’ sense but in the ‘stylish + runner = stunner’ sense?! On Sunday, I was super excited to hear the doorbell ring and to see an enormous adidas box awaiting me on the other side.  Like a child on Christmas morning, like Charlie […]

The best things …

July 11, 2011


come to those who wait … One of those phrases that irritate you immensely until you hear yourself saying it. And this is exactly how I felt today as I spent the morning with my wonderful adidas shopping to my hearts content from the Spring 2012 collection. Performance fabrics … the technical running tops are […]

Thai Tai Chi, Cocktail Frocks & Collagen Coffee

July 6, 2011


I had my last BKK run for a while this morning so fitting then that it was one full of action and adventure. I planned a route to and around Lumpini Park … a lush piece of land in the heart of the CBD … the Bangkok version of Safa Park I suppose. And Lumpini […]

Searching for solemates

June 30, 2011


Once upon a time my choice of running shoes was determined by two key factors … the extent to which they featured pink (as well as the exact shade of said pink) and the extent to which they would match my running tops, because regardless of whether on the running track or on the catwalk, […]

Cocktails & Coco

June 26, 2011


I sit and write this from my hotel lobby in Singapore, fresh from a BBQ with my wonderful family, suitably hydrated thanks to a few chilled glasses of Cloudy Bay and looking footloose and fancy free in my favourite LBD. It’s hard to imagine already that just 24 hours ago, I was in the midst […]

Past times & pancakes

June 16, 2011


Once upon a time, I was rarely out the water …. all thanks to being brought up in Hong Kong, with a warm climate and a great pool just steps from my bedroom … oh and a youth as a competitive swimmer.  To this day, I remember in acute detail, being woken by my parents at […]

Sharing soles & nourishing souls

June 8, 2011


Last weekend I spent a fantastic afternoon with Muna and a great team of volunteers from The Seeds of Change group who go about doing random acts of kindness within Dubai. A fabulous concept, a fabulous group and Muna is nothing short of fabulous all-round. As I mentioned in my post that followed that I love random acts of […]

Shopping for shoes

June 5, 2011


Published on Now I know that most of you LOVESTYLE divas may not reach quite the same level of euphoria when buying trainers as you do when splurging on a new pair of Choos or splashing out on some Lanvin ballet pumps … but trainers need to play multiple roles so you need to […]

Wise old soles

May 30, 2011


I am listening to Once a Runner on audio right now.  A great book by John L Parker and one that I will cover alone in a future post but today, my words are about one particular line in the book … a comment made in passing about the personalities that our running shoes have.  […]

Beat the heat

May 29, 2011


 Published on LOVESTYLE This morning (note: written & first published last Sun!) LOVESTYLE divas, you will have noticed that the dreaded humidity has arrived … it’s 80% today which equates to a good 8/10 on the FH (Frizzy Hair) scale resulting in a mass of hair that even our GHD’s struggle to tame. So needless […]

Lube me up baby

May 26, 2011


Summer for runners signals the dreaded arrival of two hideous side effects … chafing and SES (stinging eye syndrome) caused by sweat. And as they’re both so vile in their own right they both get their own little low-down below: CHAFING Chafing is when your body rubs continuously (for hours) and it feels like burning […]

Fit for fashion

May 22, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE.COM This weeks post, LOVESTYLE divas, is about looking good whilst you work out. Check out the chicks around you in any gym and you have some, you divas I hope, who wear great threads in gorgeous colours with a cute polish to match. Others however, seem to reserve the cool kit […]

My adidas

May 13, 2011


Yesterday I ignored the growing to do list for a bit of online ordering instead. On to the adidas website I went … I expected to take half an hour or so to jot down on an email my like’s / dislikes / fav tops / fav bottoms / trainers of choice / accessories … […]

Step it up lady B

May 12, 2011


My friend Briony has made more than one comment of late re not getting mentions in my blog posts so today Briony, this one’s for you, although you might regret having ever said a word when you read on …. I first met Briony boxing. We would both be on the mats, thrashing it out […]

Lessons from letters

May 2, 2011


Last week, in response to my article in Aquarius a few months back – 9 STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I received this email from a girl called Hafsa: ‘I started eating healthy, and started using the treadmill which my mom gifted to me 2 years back but I never used it. Now it’s been 3 […]

Kick it Forward

April 28, 2011


If you are already a runner, how many times have you had someone say to you that they would love to run but don’t know how, or that they find it really hard to get beyond their comfort zone, or that they would love to run a race but wouldn’t know where to start. Often […]

Formulas & frogs

April 27, 2011


The other day my friend and running buddy Fiona swung by my place. I was showing her all my fabulous new running gear from adidas and we started chatting about the importance of looking good while you train. We agreed outright … look good = train better = feel better.  A simple formula. This is […]

Mantras, miles & meditation

April 24, 2011


Today I chatted at length with the very inspiring Aden Hopkins from Caveman Fitness. We talked about my recent Life Coaching course and my now wanting to study Sports Psychology. Why he asked? For what reasons … I answered with the simple truth that I am forever intrigued by the power of the mind. I […]

Bounce no more …

February 28, 2011


First published on LOVESTYLE Did you know that during an average aerobics class, your boobs move up to 12cm up and down? This weeks post may seem at odds with the lingerie LOVESTYLE divas are normally concerned with but when it comes to keeping fit, you need to replace the word style with sensible and […]