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Gym & tonic anyone?

November 21, 2012


I woke yesterday with a pounding head and a furry tongue.  The night previous, one glass of vino in Hong Kong’s Soho turned into another and another.  Before I knew it, I was guzzling G&T’s like they were going out of fashion and talking nonsense with some fab friends. How timely then that yesterday’s Daily […]

Getting hot & sweaty in the sand (Part 2)

August 28, 2012


To recap Sunday’s post … when running recently with Lee aka the Sheikh of Showka from Dubai Trail Running, I recall telling him that I attribute any success I’ve had running with two key elements … running in the sand and running in the heat.  I try to do most of my running ‘off-road’ albeit […]

Double detox

April 6, 2012


I arrived at Flow Yoga yesterday morning … my regular fix with Bram and one sorely missed when in Paris / Scotland the last couple of weeks. No class is ever the same and yesterday he announced we were doing Detox Yoga … had he predicted that I was fighting off the onset of a […]

Know your life with know how life

March 14, 2011


This morning I had a coaching session with my friend Emily from Know How Life. An enlightening morning indeed and having arrived at 9.30 and expecting to leave at 10.30, before we knew it, I was still sprawled over the white couch (!), at nearly midday. As Emily is my friend, (and my Reiki-healer extraordinaire) […]

Packing in circles

February 22, 2011


I must confess that I am the world’s worst packer. Despite travelling all the time, never for work, always for pleasure, I still spend hours and hours trying on everything I own and getting utterly sidetracked making up new outfit combinations. The result is normally a hardly recognisable bedroom of clothes, bags and shoes strewn […]