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Pick, plot, plan & prepare

June 11, 2013


I wrote an article for The Sweat Shop recently about the key elements you should consider when picking a trail race. Here it is … for any of you would-be trail runners. I don’t believe there’s a single soul in the world who’s ever looked back after swapping pavement pounding for the tales of the […]

Fitness for 2

March 27, 2013


Written for and published in Aquarius – Mar 2013 Look around when getting your own fitness fix and there’s never a shortage of women in various stages of their pregnancies, looking fit, fabulous and glowing. It’s clear that women today are staying super fit throughout and going into childbirth and motherhood with enviable levels of […]

Love & luck

January 24, 2013


Today’s post has nothing to do with health and fitness … it relates instead to wellness  … emotional and mental wellness … matters of the mind and of the heart. Here goes. Earlier this week, I received a call from my ex husband aka H1 to say he was getting remarried.  If truth be known, […]

Matters of the mind

October 31, 2012


Think back to any low moment in your life, in a race or otherwise, when you’ve suddenly and successfully been able to lift yourself up again. On the flip side, think of those low moments when you haven’t done this. In a race scenario, the result would be, at best, poor motivation and a rubbish […]

Stay F.I.T …

July 19, 2012


As written for and published on – 09/07/12 (F.I.T … Forever in Training) We’re in the midst of July … the humidity has been rising like a phoenix from the flames and Ramadan is around the corner, which, for many of us, means one thing … time to escape to cooler climes and take […]

Baby fit

August 7, 2011

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As published on …. and no mum … don’t worry, I am not expecting!!! The editor of our favourite style site LOVESTYLE.COM will soon be swapping her Jimmy Choos for baby shoes … a baby after all must be the ultimate fashion accessory! With this in mind, this weeks post is all about mums […]

Tori’s two cents

July 8, 2011


The other day I was asked by a magazine to give my top five health, fitness and wellness tips.   Only five I thought?! Ask yourself the same question and you soon realise that this is pretty hard as between living, eating, training, working, wellness and more, day in day out, there are countless tips […]

All hail to aqua with Gail

June 19, 2011


Last week, A PT friend mentioned to me that she’d checked out Gail’s Aqua Aerobics and loved it.  I’d already arranged to go this morning but Marianne’s review just fuelled my anticipation as once upon a time, I associated aqua with purple rinses and a class full of people either very overweight or very pregnant. […]

Dubai’s CrossFit Queen

May 10, 2011


Candice Howe of CrossFit LifeSpark was one of the few amazing chicks that featured alongside me in Good Taste’s No Limits feature in March. She’s Dubai’s one and only CrossFit queen and last night, at long last, I went along to one of her classes to find out what it’s all about. CrossFit …. explain?! […]

A Penny for your wellness

March 7, 2011


Yesterday the utterly charming Sean Penny swung by Park Place to put me through my paces with the Nerve Express and Dynamic Express tests. Together, as The Wellness Brothers, the boys are doing amazing things … literally revolutionising the fitness, health and wellness industry as we know it today. They are both super qualified and […]

Back to basics

February 17, 2011


The Times Of Oman newspaper ran a thought-provoking article the other day. The key points were these: Our society today is crazy about fitness. Just look at Dubai; case in point. Not a week goes by without a new fitness company, class or get-fit-quick-programme gracing our shores. No one cared about this 100 years ago […]

Dubai’s Hot Fitness Classes for 2011

November 13, 2010


We all need to mix up our fitness routines – not only to keep our motivation levels high but also to prevent our bodies from hitting a plateau – and with a New Year fast approaching, there’s no better time to start something new! Check out my top picks – with 11 great classes to […]

Travel on Business & Stay FIT (Forever in Training)

November 12, 2010


Published in SME Advisor – Aug 10 Maintaining a fitness regime whilst travelling on business can be a complex challenge but with a few small steps, you can go a long way to upkeep your routine, optimise your productivity and ensure that you don’t return home lacking in energy and wellbeing. Plan Ahead Check out […]