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It’s a love / hate thing

July 29, 2012


Poles.  Whether you’re into mountain marathons or longer stuff, when it comes to technical terrain, there are those who use poles and those who don’t with few, if any, in between. Similar to the marmite debate I suppose. I’ve had many a conversation during and post races re their merits but never been quite convinced […]

Fabulous Forsan

July 8, 2012


I wrote not long ago about the joys of going somewhere that really exceeds your expectations … then, I was referring to the beautiful old town of Lijiang in the far west of China near Tibet where I went for the Action Asia 100km race in May. This time round, I was a little closer […]

Tragedy of the Treadmill

February 20, 2012


Winter is still with us I know, but given that the temps are starting to rise a little, combined with a conversation at Belgium Beer Cafe last weekend about why, how and who runs outside in the summer, I thought these words, posted last year, were worth reposting. Don’t get me wrong … I love […]

Victoria gets vertical

December 22, 2011


Have you got friends and family in town for the holidays?   Fancy trying something new, cool, suitable for all and great fun … right here on your doorstep? Last month, I checked out the climbing wall with Dominic Ford from The Vertical Tourist … read all about it here, in my Adventure Chicks column […]

Never say never

November 27, 2011


People say that the Racing the Planet series are some of the hardest events in the world … the annual roving event, in particular, designed to introduce extra challenge.  And having just completed RTP Nepal, the 2011 roving event, I can’t agree more … not however, because it was beyond my physical capability … I […]

Mountain mother

September 24, 2011


Earlier this week, I had a long discussion with Suzanne Al Houby about her summit of Everest, the world’s tallest mountain at 8,848m, after 51 days of climbing and two years of preparation. I was excited to meet with her.  We have been in touch for a while but not until this week had we […]

All praise for the playground

May 19, 2011


This morning I was on Dubai Eye, along with James Russell, designer-extraordinaire and Pete Aldwinckle, of Global Climbing for a chat with Suzanne Radford re Outdoor UAE magazine. I write a monthly column called Adventure Chicks and Pete is a regular contributor re all things climbing-related. Pete is the Ruler of RAK when it comes […]

Getting off pant-free

March 25, 2011


There isn’t a LOVESTYLE diva out there who doesn’t LOVE spa treatments. It seems no matter how busy we are, with work, rest and play, time will always be found for a pre-party body scrub, an energising massage or a youth-grabbing facial. But with so many spas in the city … of varying size and […]

Escapades on Everest

January 28, 2011


I first met the famed mountaineer Dan Mazur last year in Kathmandu. We met at the fabulous KTM Guest House and shared a beer; I found him to be nothing short of inspirational, warm and committed. So when Simon, founder and owner of Arabia Outdoors here in Dubai told me he and Dan were friends […]

Time to grow up?

January 15, 2011


What did you want to be when you grow up? During my last run with my friend Fiona, we got to talking about career; the jobs we do, the choices we make, the difficulties sometimes in knowing which direction we want to go in. The conversation boiled down to one simple conclusion; that perhaps we […]

Running & Scuba; partners in crime

December 24, 2010


Today I had a fantastically scenic and utterly gorgeous run up Dumyat with my new friend Ron.  Ron I met at the gym the other day … I saw that he was a runner so started chatting to him.  The rest is history.  Sharing a love to run has created many a simple yet powerful […]

Take a hike …

December 13, 2010


Right now I’m writing a feature for Aquarius on hiking in the UAE. And with only a couple of days until I fly to Scotland, my very own adventure playground, I’m starting to twitch with excitement over the lovely long walks in Yellowcraig Woods, possibly the most beautiful woodland in the world (my family own […]

Lose the Label

December 2, 2010


It’s not only National Day today but it’s a Thursday which in Tori’s World means Talise Thursday. Most Thursdays I spend in the beautiful enclaves of Talise, being pampered, massaged, revitalised and re-energised. (The fact that I’ve already had an epically lazy week being out of action with my back injury is by the by!) […]