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From good to great

May 14, 2014


I haven’t written a post for ages, in part because I’ve been writing for SA’s top notch outdoors site, Do It Now and in part because I’ve been online little. Sometimes, we need to disconnect in order to truly connect. Then an email came in from one of my all time greatness gurus, Robin Sharma […]

Lessons for life

September 14, 2013


Robin Sharma’s emails never fail to make for a fantastic and thought-provoking read. Nor do they ever fail to make me question how his words, thoughts and suggestions apply to my own life … what would Tori’s take have been? A recent email was about the things he wishes he had learnt years ago … […]

Eye on Tori

June 21, 2013


Last night, I was interviewed by the awesome Shane Phillips for his Eye on Careers show.  As always with this sort of thing, the time passed and we covered a fraction of what I anticipated. Still, it was a great discussion amongst three of us … me, an entrepreneur called Samer and Professor Abraham, the […]

This is a story …

May 7, 2013


This is a story about a lady who loved to write. Robin Sharma sent out an email about her last week and I was reminded of how she’s a true and perfect demonstration of believing in yourself and doing what you love. All this lady ever wanted to do was write but few believed in […]

Take 5

March 31, 2013


A Robin Sharma email sat patiently in my inbox this morning and in it, the quotes that changed his life. Made me think. I LOVE quotes and have so many long-held favourites. We should all have certain words that we live by, that inspire and motivate us to be all we want to be, that […]

Sharma on productivity

October 22, 2012


Fitting in training as a long distance runner, fitting in work when there are adventures knocking at your door, fitting in play when deadlines are looming, fitting in time for yourself when you have kids, fitting in time for your lovers when you have others (!) …  it all boils down to productivity. Creating explosive […]

Insights to shelve in 2012

December 8, 2011


It’s that special time of year when I start putting thought into my plans, hopes and dreams for 2012. Having lunch with my friend Brett the other day, we briefly chatted about goals and resolutions and we came to the conclusion that firm goals are really pretty 80’s … a thing of the past that […]