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Ramadan is for life …

August 2, 2011


not just for Ramadan. I picked up a copy of Time Out this week and there was an article titled ‘How to fast healthily this Ramadan.’ The article started off by saying that a vital part of completing a Ramadan fast is to know how to break it properly. Reading on however, I noticed the […]

Hard yards

July 26, 2011


As published in The National – 26th July 11 

Lessons from Coco

July 25, 2011


As published on A few weeks ago, LOVESTYLE divas, I competed in a 100km running race in Singapore called the Sundowner. Starting at 6pm in the heat and humidity of a city that sits slap bang on the equator, the aim is to run 50km out, 50km back and to then cross the finish […]

Jebel for Jonathan

July 22, 2011


Around 3am this morning, dozens of cars set off from Dubai in the direction of Jebel Hafeet, a 1,240m mountain with 60 corners and an 8% ascent on the border of Al Ain.  A road snakes up from foot to summit, 13km long in all. By 5am, the cars were empty and the car park […]

Sweet elete

July 20, 2011


Anyone who hasn’t escaped Dubai’s summer meltdown is currently spending their days in 45c+ temperatures.  As soon as the sun emerges every morning, the air heats up like an industrial-strength fan-assisted oven and even late into the night, there is little respite. What to do then if you train outdoors … especially if you, like […]

Are you a stunner?

July 20, 2011


A stunner I hear you ask?  I ask not in the ‘hot chick’ sense but in the ‘stylish + runner = stunner’ sense?! On Sunday, I was super excited to hear the doorbell ring and to see an enormous adidas box awaiting me on the other side.  Like a child on Christmas morning, like Charlie […]

Wisdom from Wouter

July 18, 2011


Wouter Kingma, the much-loved Dubai photographer who has wowed hundreds and hundreds of Racing the Planet competitors with his awesome ability to capture the blood, sweat, tears and  joy of adventure runners from all four corners intent on living life to the full, sent out an email the other day that I can’t help but […]

The best things …

July 11, 2011


come to those who wait … One of those phrases that irritate you immensely until you hear yourself saying it. And this is exactly how I felt today as I spent the morning with my wonderful adidas shopping to my hearts content from the Spring 2012 collection. Performance fabrics … the technical running tops are […]

Marathons & marriage

July 8, 2011


Tomorrow, the 9th July 2011, my DXB partner in crime and a truly great girlfriend will walk up the aisle and marry the lovely Simon Osborne. I’ve spent the last few days thinking about Emily a lot, missing our five-times daily chats as she embraces wedding fever back in England. And I’ve been thinking about what […]

Thai Tai Chi, Cocktail Frocks & Collagen Coffee

July 6, 2011


I had my last BKK run for a while this morning so fitting then that it was one full of action and adventure. I planned a route to and around Lumpini Park … a lush piece of land in the heart of the CBD … the Bangkok version of Safa Park I suppose. And Lumpini […]

City life beyond convention

July 4, 2011


Even the most inquisitive of travellers are guilty of sometimes knowing a city better by its metro system than by the streets themselves; think London, Paris and New York. And for me, Bangkok. I’ve been in this city countless times but have either passed through fairly quickly or based myself in downtown backpackersville, Khao San […]

Searching for solemates

June 30, 2011


Once upon a time my choice of running shoes was determined by two key factors … the extent to which they featured pink (as well as the exact shade of said pink) and the extent to which they would match my running tops, because regardless of whether on the running track or on the catwalk, […]

Cocktails & Coco

June 26, 2011


I sit and write this from my hotel lobby in Singapore, fresh from a BBQ with my wonderful family, suitably hydrated thanks to a few chilled glasses of Cloudy Bay and looking footloose and fancy free in my favourite LBD. It’s hard to imagine already that just 24 hours ago, I was in the midst […]

I + I = < 2

June 21, 2011


See that title and think I made a typo?  Mixed up by 1’s and my I’s? No typo … just Tori’s revised version of the classic ‘the whole is great than the sum of the parts’ formula. How many times, in work or in play have you heard the words ‘There is no I in […]

Cha cha chia

June 15, 2011


One of the superfoods in the classic Born to Run book are chia seeds. I remember listening with interest and making a mental note to check them out and since then, my friend Anja and her hubbie Allan have recommended them, as have countless health and nutrition views and reviews. So off I went a […]


June 12, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE.COM Some of us swear by stretching … incorporate it diligently in our every workout.  Others bypass it all together … become forgetful or complacent as injury has never struck so why start now? As for me?  I sit firmly somewhere in between.  I talk about stretching, I have great intentions to […]

Sharing soles & nourishing souls

June 8, 2011


Last weekend I spent a fantastic afternoon with Muna and a great team of volunteers from The Seeds of Change group who go about doing random acts of kindness within Dubai. A fabulous concept, a fabulous group and Muna is nothing short of fabulous all-round. As I mentioned in my post that followed that I love random acts of […]

Twinkling eyes & secret smiles

June 6, 2011


Yesterday my friend Emily was asking me about how I like to run so much, what I think about and how I keep my busy little mind occupied for so long. My answer ….? It’s my time to get creative, brainstorm, set goals and plan adventures, sing along to cheesey tunes, listen to audio books […]

Shopping for shoes

June 5, 2011


Published on Now I know that most of you LOVESTYLE divas may not reach quite the same level of euphoria when buying trainers as you do when splurging on a new pair of Choos or splashing out on some Lanvin ballet pumps … but trainers need to play multiple roles so you need to […]

Wise old soles

May 30, 2011


I am listening to Once a Runner on audio right now.  A great book by John L Parker and one that I will cover alone in a future post but today, my words are about one particular line in the book … a comment made in passing about the personalities that our running shoes have.  […]

If you snooze, you lose

May 28, 2011


Last night I had one too many vinos. Combined with far too little sleep, when the dreaded alarm went off, I very nearly opted for repeatedly reaching out for the snooze button and opting for a few more hours between the sheets. But no. Why? Not for punishment per se but rather because I have […]

Lube me up baby

May 26, 2011


Summer for runners signals the dreaded arrival of two hideous side effects … chafing and SES (stinging eye syndrome) caused by sweat. And as they’re both so vile in their own right they both get their own little low-down below: CHAFING Chafing is when your body rubs continuously (for hours) and it feels like burning […]

Real rocks

May 23, 2011


The last time I paid a visit to Real Pilates, I fell in love. My post Time to get Real said it all. Fast forward a few months and I returned this evening, this time to check out the reformer classes. Different class, different instructor, same results; I fell in love all over again. Here’s […]


May 18, 2011


I read some lovely words recently and today want to share them with you. They were: Start your day with L.I.F.E LAUGH – Do something that makes you feel positive INTENTIONS – Set a focus for the day and give it direction FUEL – Get a healthy nutritious meal in your body to give you […]

The tragedy of the treadmill

May 15, 2011


Dedicated to AJ. You know who you are and you know what you need to do! Now that Summer has reared it’s hot head on our shores, I’ve had more than a few runners lament over moving inside and taking to the treadmill. Just the word fills me with horror so this post, Tragedy of […]

Is winning everything?

May 15, 2011


My assignment this week for my sports psychology course was to write a 1,000-word essay on our thoughts re the saying ‘Winning is Everything’ … a 1000 word post to read I hear you cry?!? Yes – sorry! But I have firm views on this and want to share them. This familiar quote has haunted […]

My adidas

May 13, 2011


Yesterday I ignored the growing to do list for a bit of online ordering instead. On to the adidas website I went … I expected to take half an hour or so to jot down on an email my like’s / dislikes / fav tops / fav bottoms / trainers of choice / accessories … […]

Step it up lady B

May 12, 2011


My friend Briony has made more than one comment of late re not getting mentions in my blog posts so today Briony, this one’s for you, although you might regret having ever said a word when you read on …. I first met Briony boxing. We would both be on the mats, thrashing it out […]

Running for rants when life is pants …

May 5, 2011


I ran with a good girlfriend tonight … unplanned and short but required for a friend in need. Why? Because she needed a rant … to let go of the stresses and strains in her life and the hands of cards she’s currently being dealt. And if a run is sometimes a great release then […]

Chill @ Chill

May 4, 2011


Once upon a time I had a full-time office job (the memories still haunt me!) and the office in question was on the 11th floor of Al Shatha Tower, Media City. Fortunately, on the 9th floor, was a beauty salon where Bea, a fantastic masseuse, would pummel and pamper me at least a couple of […]

Lessons from letters

May 2, 2011


Last week, in response to my article in Aquarius a few months back – 9 STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I received this email from a girl called Hafsa: ‘I started eating healthy, and started using the treadmill which my mom gifted to me 2 years back but I never used it. Now it’s been 3 […]

Catharsis at the circus

April 30, 2011


Women as we all know are the queens of multi-tasking so it follows suit that we multi-task whilst we run … for me, I use runs for catch-ups with girlfriends, debriefs over boyfriends, brain-storming, planning study assignments, listening to self-development audio-books or cheesy tunes and … if that ain’t enough … listening to Dubai Eye […]