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just run. anytime, anywhere.

February 21, 2014


This morning I ran with Regents… a road running club in Durban. Needless to say, a stark departure from the Tori of old, seeing as only since being in Durbs have I actually started to run sociably as opposed to my time in Dubai. There, I loved nothing more than spending hours alone with my […]

My name is Tori & I’m an addict

July 12, 2013


I interviewed a climber yesterday for a feature I’m writing and he talked of the addictive nature of his sport. I nodded and found a smile creep up on me as I thought about the addictive nature of running. But then, doesn’t the word ‘addict’ tend to conjure up a sense of negativity, of harmful […]

Pink Ribbons galore

October 2, 2012


Did you know that every 30 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer? It accounts for over 30% of female cancers and sadly, the statistics dictate that at some point you, your mum, your sisters or your girlfriends will be victim to this horrid disease. Scary but true. Your support then in raising awareness […]


July 31, 2012


Why do we run?  Other than the many more physical reasons like keeping fit, getting al fresco, enjoying me time and maintaining balance is the drive towards self-improvement or kaizen … the quest to continually improve ourselves mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. But during my run this morning, I thought about how all too often our too type […]

Diggin’ Dean

October 13, 2011


Dean Karnazes is a legend in the ultra running world and when you listen to him talk or read his words in print, you can’t fail to feel enthused and inspired by his passion and dedication to the sport. He has committed super-human feats that have made him a household name in countless countries and […]

Adventure Chick runs Singapore Sundowner

August 26, 2011


As published in Outdoor UAE magazine – Aug 11 … a while ago now I know but last chance to pick up this months issue of Outdoor UAE before the next fab issue graces our shelves …

Running, dating … & not settling!

August 17, 2011

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This morning I peeled myself out of bed a little after five am.  The excitement post puppy viewing last night had kept me up late! But I’d arranged a running date with Fiona and had a 40-minute run to reach our meeting point in the marina. But half six came and went and no sign […]

That little ‘a’ word …

August 9, 2011

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Subtle shifts have always intrigued me. Sometimes a single letter can make all the difference.  Sometimes a word can change everything in an instant. The difference between impossible and possible is in the two letters at the start and the addition of a little apostrophe. As Audrey Hepburn so rightly said, Nothing is impossible, the […]