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Gratitude is an attitude

June 16, 2013


I spent this evening at a thought-provoking talk at the Capital Club with life and executive coach, Marwa Karoura. The topic?  “Operating out of Abundance: A Journey into the ‘Never Enough’ Illusion.” I was with my friend Brandy and chatting en route home, we both agreed that whilst we didn’t necessarily learn anything new, we […]

This is a story …

May 7, 2013


This is a story about a lady who loved to write. Robin Sharma sent out an email about her last week and I was reminded of how she’s a true and perfect demonstration of believing in yourself and doing what you love. All this lady ever wanted to do was write but few believed in […]

Find your inner glow

April 30, 2013


As published in Aquarius – Apr 2013 Having turned yet another year older earlier this month, I find myself increasingly conscious of the odd stray grey hair, loose skin, crows feet and  a body not quite as firm as the one I felt proud to show off just a few years ago! Given that how […]

Why trawl the mall?

April 28, 2013


When it comes to buying gifts for people, I often find myself taking the whole ordeal far too seriously. I want to give gifts with thought, that have meaning or purpose, something that someone might have chosen on their own. This, combined with my oft inability to make snappy decisions has led me to more […]

Cleansing for virgins

March 10, 2013


We’ve all picked up Grazia a million times and read about some crazy cleanse that promises that you’ll lose half your body weight by next weekends party or return to your pre-pregnancy body weight 3 ½ days after giving birth. You ask yourself, ‘how hard can it be?’ But in reality, the answer is very […]

Conservations with the core

February 1, 2013


OK so I know I probably talk too much about how important it is to be self-aware and listen to our bodies … but I tend to talk about this most in the context of running and training rather than life in general. Truth is, our bodies are smart. Very smart. Very very smart! On […]

Food glorious food

January 16, 2013


Signing up for a race in the French Alps this summer, I noticed a very cool question at the end of the registration form. It was: ‘What food would you like to see at the aid stations?’ Brilliant! Now needless to say, I suspect they don’t intend to cater for the diverse needs of a […]

Pies, purpose & perspective

August 30, 2012


Yesterday I rose and readied myself to run.  I left my building, switched on my iPod, took a step … then had a swift change of mind and did a 180 degree turn. Returned home. Back to bed. Until lunchtime. In a bad mood.  You see, in the hours prior to the run, I’d been […]

I heart Organic Glow

July 26, 2012


Organic Glow Beauty Lounge is a stones throw from Safa Park but when you enter the villa gate and breathe in the lush aromas that await you, the fast paced traffic of Al Wasl Road slips as far from your mind as your to do list of chores, errands and looming deadlines … I spent […]

With running comes reason

July 20, 2012


Today’s post is dedicated to GC.  You know who you are. A brief encounter at last weeks Ice Trail and a few email exchanges since and we’ve fast shared a little of the history and the heartache that have made us the individuals that we are today. And so this morning, as I had a […]

Fiats v Ferrari’s

June 3, 2012


Not a week goes by without some fleeting fad that everyone raves about.  And whilst sometimes they prove to be nothing more than just that … others stick and for good reason too. Trigger Point Performance Therapy (or TPPT), I reckon, might be one of these. My yoga teacher, Bram did the course a couple […]

Nuts about coconuts

May 12, 2012


Todays post is all about COCONUTS … is there no end to their talent? Not only is coconut water (have you tried O.N.E yet?) the bees knees when it comes to a highly energising, nutritious and delicious thirst quencher … and not only are coconut shells an amazingly effective tool to massage your feet and […]

10,000 hours

April 16, 2012


I finally finished reading The Happiness Project … what a beautiful read.  A queue awaits the dog-eared pages and I’ve since moved on to Bounce; another fantastic read that will appeal to anyone who loves sport, particularly any ‘gene believers’ out there … and anyone who grew up being constantly nagged by their mums and […]

Lube me up baby!

April 3, 2012


I wrote this post last year but after my run today thought a repost might be in order!  I headed out around 10am so late-ish I guess but you can definitely feel Summer is on the way … I was running in the desert sands up towards Jumeirah Village Circle then an attempt at a […]

Smiles & miles

February 2, 2012


Every few days, I check out my site stats and recently, I can’t help but notice that my post in December, ‘Just like a butterfly‘ continues to have a huge number of visits. The post was about the science of happiness and how happiness comes when and from where we least expect it. “Happiness is […]

r u a runner?

January 13, 2012


If so, read on and count up how many of the below you identify with … You spend more time in the drug section than the food section of the supermarket You have more dirt on your shoes than in your garden You think that ibruprofen belongs on the breakfast table You get more phone calls […]

are you all in?

January 8, 2012


My week started off in the best possible way … because in addition to a gorgeous run first thing this morning, it was adidas order day. My time to review the fall winter 2012 collection then wait very patiently for what will seem like an age until I can wear it all. As always, it […]

Run, renew, recharge … & relive!

December 24, 2011


This morning my alarm went off and I promptly switched it off before falling back into a deep snooze.  A fab Xmas party yesterday afternoon turned into the usual shenanigans at Barasti and before I knew it, I was rolling myself into a taxi after far too much wine. The thought then, of sticking to […]

Treasured tools

November 15, 2011


I was in Flying Colours printing shop this morning, getting my SBS printed and laminated pre race next week.  My SBS I hear you cry?!?  Yes … my SBS, which stands for Self-Belief Sheet. You see, when times are tough and I need to draw on inner strength, I’m a great believer in having written […]

tori … on being all in …

October 24, 2011


I was forced to work extra hard during my fab training session with Mark at Fitness First this morning when I realised the other PT’s were all eyes on me … no doubt wondering if it was the real fit chick Tori or just a look-a-like of the girl in the adidas Running Magazine being […]

Lessons on laughter

September 17, 2011


Fact.  Laughing is not only good for the soul but it’s actually beneficial to our health.  No joke! Just as well really as few things in life beat laughing, whether a private chuckle or the nearly-wet-your-pants variety reserved for best friends and sisters.  You can even now go to ‘laughter therapy’ classes and laughter-inspired yoga. […]

Cards & corkscrews

August 27, 2011


Our obsession with all things electronic … In our days of Facebook, Tweets, email and texting, we have completely forgotten the value of a hand written message on beautiful stationery … even our bills are now electronic! But the truth is, there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love seeing a card on […]

Shine with a five

August 24, 2011

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I recommended a great book to Yvette from Breathe Believe Pilates the other day. It’s called The Twelve Gateways to Freedom by Dan Millman and is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth. I listened to it on audio and it was fantastic ‘listen-to-whilst-running’ material. The first gateway according to Dan […]

Baby fit

August 7, 2011

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As published on …. and no mum … don’t worry, I am not expecting!!! The editor of our favourite style site LOVESTYLE.COM will soon be swapping her Jimmy Choos for baby shoes … a baby after all must be the ultimate fashion accessory! With this in mind, this weeks post is all about mums […]

Lessons from Coco

July 25, 2011


As published on A few weeks ago, LOVESTYLE divas, I competed in a 100km running race in Singapore called the Sundowner. Starting at 6pm in the heat and humidity of a city that sits slap bang on the equator, the aim is to run 50km out, 50km back and to then cross the finish […]

Are you a stunner?

July 20, 2011


A stunner I hear you ask?  I ask not in the ‘hot chick’ sense but in the ‘stylish + runner = stunner’ sense?! On Sunday, I was super excited to hear the doorbell ring and to see an enormous adidas box awaiting me on the other side.  Like a child on Christmas morning, like Charlie […]

The best things …

July 11, 2011


come to those who wait … One of those phrases that irritate you immensely until you hear yourself saying it. And this is exactly how I felt today as I spent the morning with my wonderful adidas shopping to my hearts content from the Spring 2012 collection. Performance fabrics … the technical running tops are […]

Searching for solemates

June 30, 2011


Once upon a time my choice of running shoes was determined by two key factors … the extent to which they featured pink (as well as the exact shade of said pink) and the extent to which they would match my running tops, because regardless of whether on the running track or on the catwalk, […]

All hail to aqua with Gail

June 19, 2011


Last week, A PT friend mentioned to me that she’d checked out Gail’s Aqua Aerobics and loved it.  I’d already arranged to go this morning but Marianne’s review just fuelled my anticipation as once upon a time, I associated aqua with purple rinses and a class full of people either very overweight or very pregnant. […]


June 18, 2011


IS WITHIN ME NOW! This was one of the many affirmations I chanted this morning but before I get to this and the others that featured, let’s go back to the beginning. I got in touch with Yvette of Breathe Believe Pilates via the wonderful Noura whose yoga I’ve been to (see Ironing out the […]

Twinkling eyes & secret smiles

June 6, 2011


Yesterday my friend Emily was asking me about how I like to run so much, what I think about and how I keep my busy little mind occupied for so long. My answer ….? It’s my time to get creative, brainstorm, set goals and plan adventures, sing along to cheesey tunes, listen to audio books […]

Shopping for shoes

June 5, 2011


Published on Now I know that most of you LOVESTYLE divas may not reach quite the same level of euphoria when buying trainers as you do when splurging on a new pair of Choos or splashing out on some Lanvin ballet pumps … but trainers need to play multiple roles so you need to […]