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Learning from Latin

August 22, 2013


Much of yesterday was spent with my head in a Latin dictionary as I scoured for inspiration for a new business name for a client of mine. There’s something about Latin words that just seem to denote power and prestige. As for Latin phrases, they’re often beautifully wrapped thought-provoking philosophies or simple reminders of how […]

Obsession confession

January 19, 2013


I have no shame in admitting my obsession with many things … working, writing, running, order, organisation … and I’m sure my family, lovers and others would think of plenty more … some good, others bad and others again very very bad! So receiving Robin Sharma’s email last week about why obsessions are wonderful and […]

Personalities & poetry

November 15, 2012


When writing yesterday about introverts and their attraction to distance running, it struck me that just as personality tests are often used to pinpoint the best career paths for us, so too should such tests determine our ideal sports. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap between the work we are best to […]

The marvels of mind maps

February 5, 2012


The Emirates Lit Fest is fast approaching and last week I booked a host of tickets to hear the good and the great impart their wisdom with the likes of you and me.  One such event is with Tony Buzan, the pioneer of mind mapping.  Me being the quintessential Type A personality, loves mind mapping […]