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Wonderful races in wonderful places

November 4, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, despite a rather long-winded ‘to do’ list of client deadlines and demands, I found myself stretched out on the sofa, researching race plans for 2014. It’s something I look forward to towards the end of every year, that chance to write your wish list, to plot and plan wonderful races in wonderful places. […]

Nuggets for novices

July 2, 2013


I was asked recently whether I had any golden rules for being an ultra runner … what nuggets of advice I would share with novices … or indeed, any runner, as even when you’ve done a ton of races, you’re constantly learning new things, about kit, about training, about what works and what doesn’t, about […]

Excuse abuse

June 26, 2013


Here in Dubai, it’s that time of year when your alarm goes off and it’s so tempting to not get out and run … it’s baking hot by dawn and if you’re like me and already pressed snooze one too many times, the sun is shining at super strength, long before you’ve laced up those […]

Pick, plot, plan & prepare

June 11, 2013


I wrote an article for The Sweat Shop recently about the key elements you should consider when picking a trail race. Here it is … for any of you would-be trail runners. I don’t believe there’s a single soul in the world who’s ever looked back after swapping pavement pounding for the tales of the […]

At the mercy of the mountain gods

May 27, 2013


I often find myself saying to people that things always do work out … just not always the way we expected them too. This past weekend proved this point with perfection. I returned to Europe last week with the intention of running the Maxi Race just yesterday. It’s a pretty epic event that attracts some […]

Confession time & going minimalist

May 23, 2013


I have a problem. Even though I’m quite happy to commit to my Tori-style non-training-progamme with no structure, no heart rate monitoring and little attention to time or distance … and even though I don’t actually do long training runs (even for races up to 100km in distance, I never do a training run longer […]

Safety in numbers

April 25, 2013


I was listening the other day to a first time marathon runner describe their experience of training for and participating in last weekends London Marathon.  She talked about getting on the train towards the race start and being surrounded by hundreds of runners … all seeming like experienced marathoners, all appearing cool and calm, all […]

Priceless friends & pain d’epices

April 15, 2013


Yesterday was the Beaujolais Villages Trail, a pretty brutal run covering 65km along trails, through forests, up mountains, down tracks and via gorgeous little villages in the quaint and gorgeous Beaujolais wine region of France. During the drive back to Lyon late afternoon, I thought about my takeaways from the day.  What had this race […]

Cool as a cucumber

January 12, 2013


These tips, pre being Tori-fied, featured in The New York Times a few weeks back and were sent to me by my mum. Who knew that the amazing cucumber had so many uses? Add to this the fact that they are super cheap (lots grown here in the UAE), fabulously good for you (high water content […]

Motion in months

January 3, 2013


Three days into 2013 and it’s a safe bet that every single reader of this post (and indeed the writer!) is full of positive intentions and excited anticipation to set greater goals this year, to train faster and harder, to sleep earlier, to rise sooner, to listen to niggles, to replace Cosmos with coconut water […]

Shades of grey

December 15, 2012


I’m sorry if this title drew you in with promises of slide-off-your-seat eroticism … that I shall leave to the brilliant and beautiful mind of EL James. Rather this post is about the ever-increasing blurred lines that exist between hiking and fast-packing, running and exploring, expeditions and adventures. I’ve thought about this often and I […]

Put some 80/20 into 12/13

December 12, 2012


So the silly season is pretty much upon us now.  The weather is cooler and there’s a festive spirit in the air.  During my morning runs, I catch myself belting out Christmas tunes at the top of my voice. By day, online shopping seems way more enticing than any of this work malarkey and by […]

Fancy a threesome?

November 30, 2012


I write this from Phuket, a mere 36 hours before the start of the Ironman 70.3.  There’s an excitement in the air and a nervous anticipation all round.  I, however, observe with complete and utter race envy. You see, this is my first experience of travelling to a race strictly as a supporter and not […]

Introverts unite

November 14, 2012


I listened to a great interview yesterday with Marshall Ulrich.  Marshall is a phenomenal ultra runner, mountaineer and philosopher. If you’ve never watched his documentary about running across America, do so and you will feel forever inspired to raise your own bar. As for my personal connection with Marshall, the last time I saw him […]


October 24, 2012


I listened yesterday to an interview on TRN with a super cool chick called Jamie Walker. She’s a US-based ultra runner, coach and all-round rock star who recently attempted her first 100 miler. My biggest takeaway was this: a big race is only partly about the running.  There are so many other things to consider […]

See, hear & feel

October 20, 2012


I’m currently in the midst of a course in NLP. Fascinating, not least because I’m fast realising that a number of my personal little quirks are really not very personal at all.  I’m simply a classic visual person. All these years and I often hear people say that mid conversation, I suddenly seem so withdrawn, […]

Kudos for cross-training

October 17, 2012


Written for Fitness Link, a new online platform for the UAE fitness industry, soon to be launched – October 12  When you tell people you run long-distance, the first thing they tend to ask is ‘how far?’ The runner replies and then the common response is ‘HOW FAR?!?!?’ The conversation that follows normally revolves around the […]

Making magic

September 1, 2012


So last night, my friend Katie and I decided to have a short run, accompanied by a mammoth gossip session followed by some tabata training.  All started without hitch or glitch … neither cancelled or postponed … we met at Montgomerie Golf Club and did a quick-ish loop through Emirates Hills then hit the tabata […]

Getting hot & sweaty in the sand (Part 2)

August 28, 2012


To recap Sunday’s post … when running recently with Lee aka the Sheikh of Showka from Dubai Trail Running, I recall telling him that I attribute any success I’ve had running with two key elements … running in the sand and running in the heat.  I try to do most of my running ‘off-road’ albeit […]

Unsung heroes & polishing wings

August 22, 2012


Everyone in our lives plays some sort of role be that the friends and family who dish us hugs when the chips are low, those to party with when they (and we!) are high, those who mentor us with career advice, those who are just the ticket for shopping and movies and it goes on […]

Missing mojo

August 16, 2012


Dear Running Fairy Help me! My running mojo is missing in action and I don’t know what to do.  I started to feel this way a couple of weeks ago and it’s gone downhill from there (along with my puns, clearly). The reasons are never quite known but amongst them could be these: The weather […]

Advice from Armstrong

July 11, 2012


“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.” ― Alan Armstrong I’ve written many times before about the importance of preparation and whilst post Nepal and a week of […]

I’ve been AeroFit-ted …

June 8, 2012


Being the purist that I am in terms of training without schedules, watches, heart rate monitors, gizmos or gadgets, you might think would make me shy away from some scientific performance analysis … but when AeroFit came to town, I read all about it and felt just a little intrigued.  Then when I started seeing […]

Too hot to handle

May 28, 2012


It’s about this time of year that my motivation to get out for a run can dwindle.  The snooze button gets pressed one too many times and by the time I rise, have a caffeine injection, a banana and check my emails, it’s what I once would have considered mid-morning. Eventually I hit the road […]

One for the bucket list

March 26, 2012


Last September, a wine-fuelled evening with my fab friend Saz resulted in a plan to meet this past weekend in Paris for the annual EcoTrail de Paris.  Fast-forward six months and I write this post from a sun-filled kerb-side Parisian café, the day after the big run. My legs are screaming yet I have to […]

les aventures a paris

March 21, 2012


For most, Paris with a girlfriend is synonymous with lazy wine-fuelled lunches, afternoons at galleries, late night bar crawls chasing hot French boys and spending exorbitant amounts of money on chic Choos & lavish Louboutins. For others, namely my fab friend Sarah Mayo and I, it’s about running a long-distance race.  Of course, we’ll manage […]

Tis the eve of the marathon …

January 26, 2012


Tis the eve of the Dubai Marathon / 10km and there’s an air of excitement all around. Some will turn up for nothing more than the jolly or a good training run whilst others will have spent months preparing. And if you fall into the latter category, you must make sure to avoid any pre-race […]

Does running beat sex?

January 25, 2012


Other than today and the rest of this week, as I lie horizontally recovering from a small medical procedure yesterday, I have been LOVE LOVE LOVing my runs recently. The weather has been gloriously cool and windy, the skies grey and moody. I’ve been listening to Trail Nation podcasts and getting in some quality miles […]

Delve into 2012

December 28, 2011


As published in Ahlan – December 2011 – and seeing as just a few more days remain before registration closes … read, review & resolve! New Years resolutions need not just be pie in the sky intentions with little follow up.  In fact, why not make a decision today to start the New Year getting […]

Playing the mint with the hole

December 17, 2011


If the meaning of serendipity is a ‘pleasant surprise’, I’d have to say, I’ve had a rather serendipitous afternoon. Post booze cruise yesterday, I returned home to find an email from the lovely Adriana at Dubai Polo Academy re a short notice cancellation the following afternoon …  was I free to fill the slot?  Yes. […]

Eye on the green

December 13, 2011


This morning, I felt like a new woman after spending all of yesterday with a vile hangover. 100% self-inflicted I know, so no sympathy expected! I had been at the Dubai World Golf Championships then a quick drink with a friend back at The Atlantis turned into quite the session along with great chat, lots […]

Never say never

November 27, 2011


People say that the Racing the Planet series are some of the hardest events in the world … the annual roving event, in particular, designed to introduce extra challenge.  And having just completed RTP Nepal, the 2011 roving event, I can’t agree more … not however, because it was beyond my physical capability … I […]