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Support in sport

August 18, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I put a quote up on Facebook that said: “There are friendships that have been forged by dedication and by pain, by defeat and by accomplishment, by mud and by sweat, by laughter and by tears. Friends who have seen each other when we look our worst and when we […]

The curse of the clot

January 27, 2013


My friend and fellow runner, Angeline, posted an article about runners and blood clots on Facebook recently.  It immediately attracted my attention. Why?  Because just a few months back when I was in Australia, I woke up one night with a huge dull ache in my calf and spent the next 12 hours, under the […]

As much an art as a science …

September 23, 2012


I spent much of yesterday in the ER in Sydney … and let me tell you, Saturday mornings post Friday nights at an inner-city hospital are not the most pleasant of venues to spend your weekend! I’m still not quite sure what the issue is.  I woke twice in the night prior with excruciating pain […]

Deja vous & dominos

September 21, 2012


On Wednesday morning, I went for a run in Sydney’s CBD to stretch out the legs post the Sabah Ultra last weekend. On passing the Opera House, I was overcome by an intense deja vous followed by an immense realisation of how small our world really is and how interconnected we all are. You see, […]

To hell with dark clouds …

September 12, 2012


… and dodgy landlords & in with blue skies and brilliant rainbows. I pounded the streets this morning. Not for long, not even an hour, but having spent the last week cooped up inside sorting out a shitty hand of cards I’ve been dealt, I had to let off some steam. Briefly, my lying, cheating, […]

Be / do / see / try / learn

September 7, 2012


I’ve never been short of people laughing at my obsession with spreadsheets. I am a very type-A daughter of a very type-A actuary after all! I have an entire folder called Spreadsheet Queen with excel sheets for pretty much every area of my life. On another note, I constantly hear comments from people asking how I […]

Rachel rocks

August 11, 2012


Yesterday I had a Skype date with my fab friend Rachel Jacqueline … you know, HK Adventure Baby. Rachel has had a life-changing year to date, having replaced a very conventional legal career with a very unconventional ‘fit-chick-tori’-esque lifestyle involving writing, running, community, adventure and play. I asked her … ‘Did you make the right […]

Fabulous Forsan

July 8, 2012


I wrote not long ago about the joys of going somewhere that really exceeds your expectations … then, I was referring to the beautiful old town of Lijiang in the far west of China near Tibet where I went for the Action Asia 100km race in May. This time round, I was a little closer […]