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Muti for the mind, body & soul

March 28, 2014


My first thought when sitting down to write this was to liken the SA’s Trails in Motion film festival to a multi-day stage race. But then I realised this was a pretty silly idea. Over more than a day, the events may span, but there were no lows, only highs, no GU brews only beer brews […]

Addiction fiction

March 24, 2014


Picked up the latest issue of Trail yet? If not, it’s on shelves now and promises a wonderful read of tales from the trail and my words below to make you want to tie up those laces and get out and run… she taps, unable to do so herself, with a pack of peas on her knee […]

Wonderful races…

January 3, 2014


in wonderful places. Still plotting and planning over your race calendar this year? Check out my feature in the latest issue of Trail magazine on the criteria to consider when picking wonderful races in wonderful places! Happy running in 2014 and remember, when the going gets tough, just continue to put one step in front of […]

Touching the sky

November 19, 2013


This past weekend was one to remember. I, along with another 350 runners descended on the bijou village of Lady Grey in South Africa’s Eastern Cape for the Salomon Skyrun 2013. I expected a toughie, of that I have no doubt. The press release in the week prior, with talk of the likelihood of puking […]

High on Highover

September 30, 2013


I’ve just spent a few absolutely glorious days in a corner of the world so effortlessly simple yet stunningly beautiful, that I can’t even type this without hiding an irreversible smile and a feeling of complete and utter contentment. Of course, the company is the greatest reason for this but beyond that, there’s just something […]

Doin’ the Dodo

July 9, 2013


Apologies in advance … a long post! Every runner would agree that you learn most from the events that were the most challenging. Our takeaways are greatest when we’re tested … and I guess this refers as much to our running as it does our lives in general. And so it was, this past weekend, […]

Nuggets for novices

July 2, 2013


I was asked recently whether I had any golden rules for being an ultra runner … what nuggets of advice I would share with novices … or indeed, any runner, as even when you’ve done a ton of races, you’re constantly learning new things, about kit, about training, about what works and what doesn’t, about […]

Pick, plot, plan & prepare

June 11, 2013


I wrote an article for The Sweat Shop recently about the key elements you should consider when picking a trail race. Here it is … for any of you would-be trail runners. I don’t believe there’s a single soul in the world who’s ever looked back after swapping pavement pounding for the tales of the […]

At the mercy of the mountain gods

May 27, 2013


I often find myself saying to people that things always do work out … just not always the way we expected them too. This past weekend proved this point with perfection. I returned to Europe last week with the intention of running the Maxi Race just yesterday. It’s a pretty epic event that attracts some […]

Priceless friends & pain d’epices

April 15, 2013


Yesterday was the Beaujolais Villages Trail, a pretty brutal run covering 65km along trails, through forests, up mountains, down tracks and via gorgeous little villages in the quaint and gorgeous Beaujolais wine region of France. During the drive back to Lyon late afternoon, I thought about my takeaways from the day.  What had this race […]

On & off piste

February 18, 2013


Fresh off the piste and full of the joys of snow, I’ve just finished writing an article about my skiing adventures this past week in Japan … here’s a sneak preview: Often referred to as Asia’s ‘Whistler’, Niseko lies in Japan’s remote and rugged northern island of Hokkaido. The scenery is alpine with a touch […]

Put some 80/20 into 12/13

December 12, 2012


So the silly season is pretty much upon us now.  The weather is cooler and there’s a festive spirit in the air.  During my morning runs, I catch myself belting out Christmas tunes at the top of my voice. By day, online shopping seems way more enticing than any of this work malarkey and by […]

What I learnt …

November 18, 2012


This weekend I did Hong Kong’s Oxfam Trailwalker Race … a stunning 100km route in one of the world’s greatest cities and where this iconic series all began. Returning home after the race I thought, as I always do, what my top takeaways were … what I learnt and what I should have known. Here […]

Manaslu madness: part 2/2

November 7, 2012


Click here for Part 1 of my Manaslu adventures. Day 2/4 0330 and the alarm rang … a painful start to the day. Far too early and my legs felt stiff as bricks but once we got going, they started to loosen up. I expected the day to be tough … 43k with mammoth ascents, […]

The miracle of mindfulness

October 6, 2012


I’m such a believer in mantras and never compete in an event without my little laminated words of support by my side. So when listening to a podcast the other day with the incredibly awesome, inspiring and utterly brilliant Timothy Olson, one of the world’s top ultra runners, I was intrigued to hear his mantra, […]

Getting hot & sweaty in the sand (Part 2)

August 28, 2012


To recap Sunday’s post … when running recently with Lee aka the Sheikh of Showka from Dubai Trail Running, I recall telling him that I attribute any success I’ve had running with two key elements … running in the sand and running in the heat.  I try to do most of my running ‘off-road’ albeit […]

AC conquers the Ice Trail

August 24, 2012


The end of August is fast approaching which hails time for one great issue of Outdoor UAE to be replaced by another.  Before the September issue hits the shelves, check out August’s issue and my Adventure Chick column about my running rendez-vous in Val D’Isere with a little race planned in between girly catch up time!

Unsung heroes & polishing wings

August 22, 2012


Everyone in our lives plays some sort of role be that the friends and family who dish us hugs when the chips are low, those to party with when they (and we!) are high, those who mentor us with career advice, those who are just the ticket for shopping and movies and it goes on […]

les aventures a paris

March 21, 2012


For most, Paris with a girlfriend is synonymous with lazy wine-fuelled lunches, afternoons at galleries, late night bar crawls chasing hot French boys and spending exorbitant amounts of money on chic Choos & lavish Louboutins. For others, namely my fab friend Sarah Mayo and I, it’s about running a long-distance race.  Of course, we’ll manage […]

Wonder of the Wobble

January 30, 2012


I felt like a child in a candy store the other day when I entered Fitness First to see lots of new toys to play with.  A big refurb has resulted in a huge cool new area with loads of functional equipment … and … the introduction of WOBBLE BOARDS!  Wobble Boards take all my […]

The Cinderella Dilemma

November 4, 2011


 I have never made a secret of the fact that I am the world’s worst packer and now, as I start on sorting my gear for Racing the Planet, I feel just preparing my pack might be one of my greatest challenges to date.  At least in the past, despite going on course for much […]

Passion, pavements & prose

September 1, 2011


This afternoon I sat in the glorious London sunshine with my mum having lunch. We got to talking about various long-distance running events on the Tori-agenda to which she said I should perhaps try to avoid going down the ultra route and stick instead with marathons in order to preserve my knees and just protect, in […]

Running from Running

November 16, 2010


It seems that every time I look on Facebook, I see former fellow ABRaS* members posting pics of new hobbies that have stemmed from their original love for running.  Does road running have a shelf-life I wonder?  Does simply pounding the streets eventually become boring? I guess in Dubai it does – I know that […]