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Forever young with Celergen

September 24, 2014


When first contacted about trialling a cell therapy supplement that promised to intensify cell regeneration, boost energy and stamina levels, improve memory and alertness, reduce wrinkles, enhance metabolism and alleviate pain, I was a little reluctant to be honest. I didn’t feel my energy levels needed a boost, suffer no pain and my memory seems […]

wanna make a million?

March 9, 2014


I’ve just finished writing an article for a client on the habits of the rich. You see surprisingly, those with a high income or a whopping inheritance aren’t necessarily more likely to build wealth than those with mediocre incomes and no family wealth. What then is the key to financial success? The answer is, quite […]

One yellow bike

February 11, 2014


Last night was the film premiere of a heart-warming short movie about a little yellow bicycle. Said bicycle embarked on a rather long journey from Dubai to Uganda during which it was transformed from a toy to a life-changer. Literally! The film told the story of a little girl, Fay. Fay used to ride her […]

Hurrah for Rahhalah!

January 5, 2012


I first met Suzanne Al Houby some time ago and wrote about her in my post Mountain mother. Her formidable summit of Everest aside, I am inspired and motivated by her all round quiet determination and dedicated passion as a climber, a mother, a friend and a business women.   Her company Rahhalah was borne […]

Old soles for good souls

December 14, 2011


Don’t you love it when a fabulous idea quietly bubbles just beneath the surface then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, it bursts into life?  I do … and yesterday afternoon, as I sat nestled on my sofa, researching potential publishers for my planned book, this happened! The idea was borne in […]

Make a splash

October 16, 2011


As published in Aquarius – Oct 11  With Dubai’s white sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean and vast swimming pools on practically every street corner, it seems crazy not to take advantage of the endless options for water-based fun. Besides, what better way to beat the heat than to stay cool in the pool?! Check out […]

Get out the heat

August 21, 2011

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Imagine being in any city in the world and finding a giant centrally-located venue that is literally transformed into a giant world of sports in order to keep residents entertained and active during the hot summer months. Sounds pretty cool right? Well unbeknownst to many, we have exactly that … here … in Dubai … […]

My Good Friday treat up Jebel Hafeet

April 22, 2011


This morning my dear friend Cath and I started Good Friday in style with an early morning run up Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain. For those not in the know, Jebel Hafeet is a mountain bordering the UAE and Oman, rising nearly 4,000 ft above sea level. A road winds up the mountain-side rock for […]

Go Green and Get Lean

November 12, 2010


Published in SME Advisor – June 10 Did you know that UAE residents are the highest consumers of natural resources in the world?  With this in mind please read on for my eco-friendly tips to stay fit and healthy in the workplace. Our lives in the UAE centre around convenience, with our days spent in […]