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What I wish ….

May 30, 2012


… I’d known 10 years ago! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Aquarius Magazine, the May 12 issue features this lovely piece featuring myself and a handful of inspirational women sharing the advice we would have given ourselves 10 years ago. Some great words of wisdom so I hope you enjoy reading … and reminiscing perhaps?! […]

Lessons from Coco

July 25, 2011


As published on A few weeks ago, LOVESTYLE divas, I competed in a 100km running race in Singapore called the Sundowner. Starting at 6pm in the heat and humidity of a city that sits slap bang on the equator, the aim is to run 50km out, 50km back and to then cross the finish […]

Row for freedom

April 1, 2011


This morning I started my day in perhaps the best way possible … with a chatter-infused run in the glorious sunshine with my wonderful friend Katie. Asides from the usual catch-up about work, friends, boys and so on, we talked about goals and working towards them. Katie used to work in a high-pressured corporate environment. […]

Girls chasing boys v boys chasing girls

January 27, 2011


This morning some brief banter with no other than a certain Michael Jackson, led to his making a comment about girls finding long distance running easier than men. Of course, my immediate reaction was to poo-poo this statement and point out that long-distance running, requiring great endurance and mental strength, is equally difficult regardless of […]