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Posted on September 24, 2014

CELERGEN-PWhen first contacted about trialling a cell therapy supplement that promised to intensify cell regeneration, boost energy and stamina levels, improve memory and alertness, reduce wrinkles, enhance metabolism and alleviate pain, I was a little reluctant to be honest.

I didn’t feel my energy levels needed a boost, suffer no pain and my memory seems to operate just fine. More so, a self-confessed tom boy, I’ve yet to really concern myself about warding off wrinkles and keeping fine lines at bay.

But then on reading further, the claims seemed too good to be true, never mind the incredible reviews, many of which written by phenomenal athletes, fitness junkies and sportspeople from all four corners.

So I thought, why not. I’ll give it a try!

Introducing Celergen … the world’s first oral anti-ageing marine cell therapy supplement. Hailing from Switzerland, Celergen is basically a powerful cell therapy treatment system that intercepts, repairs, maintains rebuilds and rejuvenates the body, whatever your age.

Cell therapy, I hear you cry?

In laymen’s terms:
Cell therapy is about patching and perfecting. We’re made up of billions of small cells, which continually die out and get replaced. As we age however, get injured or suffer from varying ailments, the natural cell renewal process doesn’t always do a good enough job of renewing these damaged cells. So, what cell therapy (read: Celergen) does is give that natural renewal process a boost, to ensure enough new cells are rolled out to replace damaged ones. Simple!

Until fairly recently, cell therapy was seen as more of a medical treatment but today is placed firmly in the nutritional supplements category and is regarded more as a general aid to wellbeing. Celergen, however, remains the only company offering cell therapy in the form of oral soft gels (read: pleasant), as opposed to injectables (read: unpleasant!)

I took Celergen for three months and my own personal view is this. It is impossible to credit one individual supplement for the benefits it brings, when there are so many other variables in our lives, from how we’re eating, drinking, training, partying and living in general.

But literally, within a week or so, I found my energy levels surge, I was more alert and just felt more productive. I felt stronger somehow and certainly like I was recovering more quickly and completely post training sessions. I am someone who never stops, from morning till night but instead of my usual collapsing into bed in the evening, I continued to feel energetic and on the ball, late into the night. I also, most definitely noticed a difference in my skin. A soft, youthful glow seemed to replace my too-often-burning-the-candle-at-both-ends appearance of old.

Would I continue to take it?

Yes, I’d certainly consider it. It’s expensive yes ($US 350 for a box of 30) but then again, we often justify the cost of sublime spa trips and heavenly handbags, so why not this?

Celergen does do all it says on the box and as I embrace the winter of my 30’s, it’s no doubt about time that I take this whole ageing malarkey, a little more seriously. I certainly want to enter my 40’s with energy and vigour, looking good and feeling great.

And if Celergen helps me to do that, then I consider it a winner.

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