The power of restoration

Posted on May 22, 2014

In today’s crazy world, we all travel extensively and there’s no end of holidays we can take. There are times when we need to hit global cities for a retail fix and an injection of culture, others when a stint on the piste is what we crave, when mountain trails beckon or beach loungers quietly whisper our names. And then there are the sorts of holidays that restore us, the trips that reconnect us in our worlds of increasing disconnection, that recharge us in our worlds of increasing burn out, that replenish us in our worlds of trying to be supermen and wonderwomen 24/7, rushing through life and forgetting that the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves is to remain in the present.

I write this from one of these holidays. The venue? Kamalaya aka a little slice of heaven that can’t fail to rejuvenate the mind and replenish the body. Centered around a Monk’s Cave, she sits quietly in total seclusion in the south-east of Koh Samui, away from the hustle and bustle and perched high on a hill, nestled in lush vegetation with azure blue seas as far as the eye can see, interspersed only by islands in the distant horizon.

I first came here last September. Fresh off the podium from the inaugural Bromo Marathon and having had quite an adventure just getting to the start line, I had finished the race exhilarated but in need of a rest. A few days in Indonesia followed with my little sister where there wasn’t a dull moment between retail therapy and wining and dining.

And then I got here. And within a day, I felt renewed.

This time round, I’ve arrived after an epic year so far… think moving country and continent, moving house (again), applying for another residency visa, falling in love… and all whilst trying to keep on top of work, charity, running, yoga, travel and other commitments. (Phew…)

But again, within a day, I felt renewed.

Kamalaya is truly magical. Even as a wordsmith, I’m lost for words as to quite how to describe the place. It’s a sanctuary where beyond the stunning villas nestled amongst the tress, beyond the incredible food, beyond the hospitality and friendliness that redefines both, beyond the perfect pools and idyllic beach, is a world-class wellness centre where you can immerse yourself in a programme of complete and utter decadence to soothe your body, mind and soul.

Committed to a week without wine and coffee, I won’t deny my first few days were a struggle. But by day four, the fuzziness had lifted and what remained was a sense of inner peace and contentment. And today, after a glorious run to neighbouring Lamai beach, a treatment or two, splash time, daybed time, sauna and steam time and then an energerising vinyasa flow yoga class, I feel as close to heaven as I could be. To think I have another ten sleeps here just blows me away.

Visit Better still, take the plunge and treat yourself. A holiday here doesn’t end when you board the flight home. A holiday here lasts a lifetime because it changes you. It is a stunningly beautiful oasis, a haven to relax, re-find your balance, restore energy and refocus on what matters to you.

Their tagline is

feel life’s potential

Fitting. So very, very fitting…


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